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Xiaomi has released a budget fitness bracelet

Xiaomi выпустила бюджетный фитнес-браслетPresentation of the new fitness bracelet from Xiaomi .

Company Xiaomi presented a budget fitness tracker Mi Band 2.

This is the third bracelet Chinese manufacturer, previously offered to buyers Mi Band and Mi Band Pulse.

New-generation devices equipped with a display for the first time, which was implemented using OLED technology. Also Mi Band 2 has a counter of steps, distance and calories burned, and heart rate.

To connect to a smartphone novelty using Bluetooth 4.0. In conjunction with the applications, the bracelet can be used not only for training but also for quality control of sleep.

Mi Band 2 has waterproof housing, and all covers are replaceable. The battery is designed to twenty days of use.

Xiaomi usually uses an aggressive pricing policy: the fitness track will cost 149 yuan (about 570 USD), and it was the most expensive device of this type from the manufacturer.

Thanks to this strategy the company was able to take second place in the world by number of completed bracelets, second only to Fitbit: Ham sold about 20 million devices.

The release of new products in the Chinese market is scheduled for June 7 this year.

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