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With a smartphone Super UMi no call will be skipped

The UMi company has developed a Super smartphone, with modern competitor flagship models from top manufacturers, and gave him a number of unique features, among which are very original solution to the issue with notifications about various events. On receipt of the phone call, messages, reminders, or emails you will know always, even if at the moment you have activated silent mode.

Right on the front panel of the Super smartphone UMi, directly in touch the Home button has an integrated light indication, which can glow in different shades, depending on the current event. Thus, you will not detract from the work ringtone or this awful vibration sound when the phone is on wooden table: Super UMi simply turn on the backlight of the Home button, the shade of which you immediately know what came on your machine.

Customize colors and effects rendering the illumination produced from the standard menu, and a choice from six available shades, so you will never confuse a new incoming call from e-mail or an incoming message in the messenger. This approach really allows you to always be aware of new developments and respond to them without forcing the caller to wait.

Super smartphone UMi is preparing for its imminent release at a price of $ 180 when you use the special promo codes available at major online stores. Taking pre-orders already underway.

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