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Will soon begin clinical trials of the drug, slows aging

Вскоре начнутся клинические испытания препарата, замедляющего старение


The compound, called nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), have proven effective in slowing down the aging process in laboratory mice. Came to find out whether this substance has a similar effect on people. It is this, and will focus on clinical trials, which will be held in the near future under the strict supervision of experts from the University of Washington in St. Louis, and Keio University in Japan.

Planned clinical trials should provide answers to the many questions posed to the scientists of the two universities. The most important of these is the question of safety of a new drug for people. Starting next month, ten volunteers will be participants in a unique experiment. They will introduce NMN to see if he will improve their physiological condition and can prevent the effects of aging. If all goes well, then some time later the drug will be able to get on the pharmaceutical market.

NMN is an organic molecule (nucleotide), which was discovered in various foods, including milk. Previous studies have shown that the use of the drug leads to slowing the aging process, activating in the bodies of laboratory mice sirtuins as well – the family of evolutionary conservative NAD-dependent proteins involved in the regulation of important cellular processes and metabolic pathways. With aging the sirtuins function weaken, and NMN returns them to their original condition.

A researcher from the University of Washington, Shinichiro Imai found that NMN activates the gene responsible for sirtuins as well. In one experiment, the mouse kept on a diet that includes NMN, showed improved metabolic process and a significant improvement in vision. In subsequent experiments using this same preparation, scientists were able to improve the tolerance of mice to glucose and other vital signs. In other words, for mice, NMN was a real “elixir of life”. For researchers will be a real breakthrough if the drug will have similar effects on the human body.

The truth is the firm belief that NMN effect on a person as well as on laboratory mice, no one else. The answer to this important question, scientists will be able to pursue much-needed clinical trials.

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