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Why is gasoline more expensive, when oil prices fall

Почему бензин дорожает, когда падает нефть

We, the citizens of the “country gas station”, there is quite a strong opinion that if the world price of a barrel of a certain brand decreases, then at the pump we should also see a steady decline in prices. I often hear the outrage about this, so I decided finally to explain why the decline in world oil prices affects our wallet is not much less than in the state budget and income of oil companies.

Let’s start with the simple, in the first paragraph won’t take into account the volatility.
Imagine that a certain company “Oil” sells raw materials to the foreign market for the ruble. Then there is a drop in the price of a certain grade, which pulls the price of raw materials of the company “Oil”. Then she is forced to sell it, for example, for 80 cents. And how to compensate for the loss of 20 cents to pay back oil production? Yes, increased prices in the domestic market, and do our businesses. Have you ever seen one tank filling rates were significantly different from the other? As a rule, they achieve customer loyalty through bonuses, discounts, promotions and special programs. And it is not only in oligopolies fixing, but that nobody wants to remain in the red. And selling gasoline and other products of oil production are not amenable to “economies of scale” in the usual sense, because oil is a finite resource and the consumption have the opposite effect on prices. In contrast, for example, from milk.

Complicate the task of introducing into the equation a new factor – fluctuations. 90% of the problems in our country could have been avoided, we sell abroad in rubles. We have you forgot about the price increase and trite the word “indexing”. But utopia and the utopia to become a reality, so you have to export the “black gold” over the “pathetic green paper”, puts the noble pig and the economy as a whole and each citizen individually.
It is considered that exporting is profitable when the falling ruble, because the “mass” of revenue increases. In the short term it brings good profits, increasing ruble performance indicators. But this scheme is not quite suitable for those who is credited in dollars. Foreign investors for the attraction which is going through part of the Russian economists, is good for the industry in which there is no such price volatility. And of course, best of all, when you need to repay debts in rubles.
Only here held-that in dollars, the price per barrel drops too in dollars, and to give again to them. By whom, the manufacturer will compensate for a hole in your budget? At the expense of those who pay him in rubles. And the more “fall” of the ruble, the more we will pay the manufacturer.

Here such here simple scheme, once again proving that for us is not good, when oil prices fall and the ruble. But there is another side of the coin – the growing competitiveness of other industries. It is a pity that due to this “competitiveness” we cannot greatly increase the popularity of the markets, but roughly speaking of budget-sector still find themselves in a serious disadvantage.

I hope that this explanation will make the problem a little clearer, although I understand that without its solution does not become easier.

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