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What was marriage in ancient times. Photo

Каким был брак в античные времена. ФотоMany of the traditions now seem wild.

People are slaves of their own habits and traditions accepted in society. Not the exception and traditions associated with gender relations and family foundations. In our review we will focus on little-known, and sometimes shocking modern man the facts related to the institution of marriage, expressions of love and passion.

Men of easy virtue

Каким был брак в античные времена. Фото

In Ancient Greece and Rome it was very common male prostitution. For example, in Athens was taxed workers of the oldest profession both female and male. This suggests that such activities are not only permitted, but regulated by the state. In the case of male prostitutes, most of their customers were men.

Despite the fact that it was a completely legal activity, any male who provided sexual services in exchange for a fee, deprived of civil rights: he could no longer serve in the Board of selectmen, or act in meetings, and were also restricted in many other aspects of social life. Because of all these restrictions, many Athenian male prostitutes were either slaves or foreigners.

Arranged marriages

Каким был брак в античные времена. Фото

In ancient Mesopotamia a contractual marriage was considered acceptable practice. Marriage was essentially a legal contract between the two families, and in many cases the pair have never even met before. The Sumerians and Babylonians regarded marriage as a tool towards procreation and the achievement of harmony of the society. There were strict rules governing the process of marriage.

In the “Code of Hammurabi”, it was stated that if the prospective father-in-law or father-in-law changed his mind after the marriage was agreed upon, the other party had a right to financial compensation. The marriage contract also practiced by the Romans.

During their early history, the Romans had agreed on the marriage, even without the presence of the future bride and groom. Later their presence was permitted, provided that both of more than seven years and that they understand the terms of the agreement.

Marriage markets

Каким был брак в античные времена. Фото

To start is to imagine a market where young women sell to men who are looking for a wife. Sounds a bit sakirpasa, but the ancient Greek historian Herodotus talked about the existence of such markets. Once a year in each village of ancient Babylon was an auction of brides, where she gathered young women eligible for marriage, and was put out in front of a group of people seeking to marry.

One after another, women sold to those who pay more. Beautiful young girls “went under the hammer” the rich and the commoners, who did not have so much money, it got ugly.


Каким был брак в античные времена. Фото

Rules which regulate marriage in ancient times tended to be much stricter for women than for men. In ancient Israel virginity was a necessary condition for women only, and in the Hebrew Bible says nothing about the fact that men also should be virgins.

If after marriage a man accused his wife that she was not a virgin at the time of marriage, a woman was stoned to death. If such charges were able to refute, the punishment of the man was not comparable — it just smacked and forced to pay a fine.

Adultery and sexual harassment

Каким был брак в античные времена. Фото

In Mesopotamia, in accordance with the “Code of Hammurabi”, adultery was considered a crime that was punishable by death. If a woman was caught cheating on her husband, she along with her lover thrown into the river or planted on a stake. In this case the husband could forgive his wife, saving her life, in this case, the lover is also released. In Rome in 18 BC, in accordance with the Julian law on adultery, the woman accuses of infidelity, could be executed, but the fate of women decided by her father and not husband.

Again, the fate of the woman and her lover was the same. For the Athenians adultery was a serious offense, which was considered an act of tyranny against the society as a whole. Until the 5th century BC, people convicted of adultery, was executed, and later, as harsh punishments were replaced by fines and public humiliation.

Polygamy in ancient Israel

Каким был брак в античные времена. Фото

The institution of marriage has many varieties in the Hebrew Bible. During the ancient Jews polygamy was an accepted practice. Although from an economic point of view (contain more than one wife, like it or not, burdensome) this practice was not very common outside the upper class of society. Today it is known that David and Solomon were great fans of polygamy.

Babylonian sacred prostitution

Каким был брак в античные времена. Фото

According to ancient Babylonian tradition, at least once in my life all the women of this nation were to fulfill the sacred duty to the goddess Militay, which mostly is identified with Aphrodite. Women had to enter the temple of the goddess and sleep with a stranger in exchange for a fee. About it also told the Greek historian Herodotus. Earnings were not women, and the Church.

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