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What is eaten by the haters of the Soviet Union. Sausage “Doctor”

Что жрут ненавистники СССР. Сосиски "Докторские"

Sausage “Doctor”, production factory “Ostankino”.

Composition (in parentheses is our transcript):
vegetable protein (imported genetically modified soya),
milk powder (imported, cheap, probably from China),
starch (filler, water absorbent),
wheat fiber (low-quality flour, a filler, a water absorbent), stabilizers (E-407, E-410, E-412, E-415 (necessary so that the dough is thick and does not leak from the shell),
ascorbic acid, citric acid (to prevent decay),
rice red food coloring to the dough has acquired a pink color of meat),
dye fixing E-250 (not discolored),
acidity regulators E 450, E-451, E-452 (probably alkali to balance the ascorbic acid and citric acid),
flavors (clear – to meat smelled, we, as cats, smell like),flavor enhancer E-621 (the same MSG, master magician, giving the filling the taste of the meat).

And finally, protein natural, that is, pork and beef – that’s only 8 grams per 100 grams of product, i.e. 8%.

But something else to steal necessary producing change. Therefore, we can safely assume that the sausage is lean and to recommend to the faithful of meat there.

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