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What diseases tell bad nails

О каких болезнях расскажут плохие ногтиBad nails indicate many diseases.

Manicured hands is one of the signs of femininity. Velvety skin attracts men and make women jealous. But a nice manicure, expensive jewelry and even stylish mehendi give the appearance of healthy skin of hands and nails.

If the nails appeared white spots nails began to break down and exfoliate, think. Take a look at my unvarnished nails to their natural look, like a mirror, reflecting the processes occurring in the body.

People rarely think about the fact that the changes in appearance of the nail plate can talk about the health of the organism as a whole. The nail is not a canvas for drawing in the first place, it is a protective layer that prevents our fingers from damage.

The nail plate consists of a protein called keratin, water, fat and many micronutrients. Growing nails due to its excellent blood supply. But they need feeding and care. If people are watching their health and nutrition, healthy nail looks smooth, smooth, slightly shiny and has a pink hue. The average thickness of the nail plate is 0.30 mm.

Of course, the structure of the nail is the same in all people: they are formed from the root, the edge and the body of the nail. But the appearance and speed of shift of the plate may depend on lifestyle, age, climate, genes and even physical activity.

Most people think small spots, separation of the nail tip and excessive fragility of the usual peculiarities of their bodies. But it is necessary to speak about these insignificant at first glance, the problem your doctor or dermatologist, as it becomes evident, that to get rid of them to improve health. Of course, improper care, mechanical damage, unbalanced diet, infection, Smoking also affect the appearance of the nail, but sometimes the reason for change is much deeper.


If the nail has a bulbous, convex shape, it is necessary to strengthen the heart and lungs. The opposite shape, concave like a spoon, speaks about the lack of iron. Digestion is carried out with difficulty if the nail has a long line. Neglected diseases of the stomach and improper diet are displayed in the form of transverse grooves.


You must drink a combination of calcium and zinc for those who have the nails had white spots. If they appeared on the ring finger, it may indicate a calcium deposits in the kidneys. And when calcium accumulates in the lungs, the stains appear on the index fingers.


Voids in the nail plate and fragility can talk about the lack of protein. Often broken fingernails and for those who are suffering from psoriasis, alopecia alopecia, eczema or lichen. Too thick toenails can be a symptom of pleurisy and other diseases of the respiratory system. Weak blood vessels and diabetes is manifested by delamination of the plate, and splits if the nail tip, it may not work correctly ovaries.


If we talk about the color, here too, has its explanation. Pallor — sign of anaemia. Reddish nail reports a surplus of red blood cells. Yellow nail plate indicates a liver disease blue lung problems or heart. Greenery gives the skin at the base of my big toenail with problematic digestion.


According to the ancient Tibetan medicine, to diagnose health problems is possible and in fact, the nail on which finger looks painful. The head and the brain is directly responsible for the thumb, the lungs are associated with the index, the small intestine of a hand is the middle finger, kidney disease shows nameless and little finger — the finger of the cardiovascular system.

If the normalization of food, vitamins and minerals, Smoking cessation, gentle care and rest from the constant nail varnish is not established appearance of your nails, immediately consult a doctor. And, of course, give up the acetone liquid for removing the varnish, not biting his nails and do not break off the burrs, let the hands are beautiful, and the body healthy. Now you know what kind of authorities to check, a list of possible problems is markedly reduced, take care of your health!

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