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Want to die? Ask me how!

Today is the first day of summer and the CPS “delighted” by the St. Petersburg news that we are officially allowed to bathe only in one pond.

Without exception, water bodies, located in the city literally teeming with pathogens of intestinal diseases, viruses hepatitis A and parasites.

Хочешь умереть? Спроси меня как!

As always, before the start of the bathing season, specialists of Rospotrebnadzor, together with the interdepartmental commissions of administrations of districts of St. Petersburg, conducted an assessment of all areas with recreation areas for swimming, of which there are 24. A thorough socio-hygienic monitoring of water quality and sand on conformity to requirements of sanitary legislation.

The conclusion is sad, but expected: all water bodies did not meet the hygienic requirements to surface waters.

— According to the results of monitoring as of may 31, only the water area of the lake “Untitled” meets the requirements of sanitary norms and rules, — said the press service of Rospotrebnadzor.

Do not meet the requirements of casacanditella the following water areas:
• R. Izhora, “Adult” and “Children’s” beach
• 1st Suzdal lake (Upper), 2nd lake Suzdal (Secondary), 3rd Suzdal lake (Lower)
• Olginsky pond
• Colonist pond
• the lake Spill, namely the beaches: “Officer”, “White mountain”, “North”, “Green Mountain”, “New”
• The Gulf of Finland, namely the beaches: “Kronstadt”, “Komorowski”, “Affectionate”, “Wonderful”, “Golden”, “Child”, “Dubkovskiy”, “Sestroretsk”, “Sea oaklets”
• of the Malaya Nevka river, namely the beach of seaside Park of Victory
• the Neva river, namely Peter and Paul fortress beach

In the end, the requirements of applicable sanitary norms and rules corresponds only to the water area of the lake “Nameless” in Krasnoye Selo, and so in fact we are forbidden from swimming in all the beaches of the city and suburbs, as it is extremely dangerous to your health.

Due to the fact that the water quality of water bodies used for public recreation, does not meet hygienic standards, management does not recommend them for swimming. The use of water of open reservoirs for drinking, ingestion of water while swimming pose a threat of infection of acute enteric infections, enteroviral infections, hepatitis a and other infectious and parasitic diseases“, – informs management of Rospotrebnadzora across St.-Petersburg.

Once again:

Even a simple water ingress into the oral cavity in any of these rivers and lakes, can cause

hepatitis a

Хочешь умереть? Спроси меня как!

infection intestinal infection

Хочешь умереть? Спроси меня как!

and enterovirus

Хочешь умереть? Спроси меня как!

In addition, extreme bathers may get unwanted friendship with parasites-helminths

Хочешь умереть? Спроси меня как!

But, as a rule, such warnings to citizens do not apply. When outside in the sun, it does not matter, where plunge.

And what can we do? To listen to the recommendations of the experts, not to spend part of the summer in the hospital, as it is a very real possibility?

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