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“VKontakte” has launched a separate address for messages

Social network “Vkontakte” goes the way of Facebook and gradually separates himself from the service messages. Today, it launched a separate short address vk.me, clicking on which you can immediately go to the messages for both users and communities.

Do it all, actually, for our convenience: now your future companion might just give you the direct link to the window messaging with him, and no longer have to search for it among millions of pages of social networking. The service is already running, so you can see the convenience right now. But that’s not all: the companies were offered new widget “Write to us”, which can be placed directly on the official website, which will take the visitor directly to the official webpage of the company “Vkontakte”, which immediately opens an input window of the message.

Recall that even Facebook has its own messenger, and the same program is going to release and “Vkontakte”. I really hope that after its release, the “Message” will not disappear from the mobile version of Russian social network. It is also worth noting that this network has been permanently transition to the new design that was copied, again, from Facebook. This is the first shapeshifting the web project since its inception, and earned “Vkontakte” exactly 10 years ago, in 2006.

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