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Vitaly Kozlovsky charmed fans beach photo

Виталий Козловский очаровал фанаток пляжной фотографиейUkrainian singer has a rest in Odessa and charms all the girls.

After Vitaly told about his affair with a former participant of the show “the Bachelor”, his army of fans did not decrease. All because he, as usual, is divided regularly on Instagram for candid photos, which depicted bare-chested on vacation.

After returning from Bulgaria, Vitaly went to Odessa, where he has managed to make a couple of new shots on the beach. One of the last photos, where the singer posing in red shorts sitting on a swing, he signed: “Good morning, all and Sundry to read my thoughts! Now think: How to separate the sincere from the insincere, the worthwhile from the worthless? In life everything shuffle… But I do need to be able to discern, how to distinguish colors, or hot from cold? My father says the sooner the people will determine their place in life, the better, the less disappointments… All right. But that’s not all true. Disappointment – a very wise thing (know exactly). Have to be disappointed, there is no other way of understanding people and life. I am constantly disappointed in myself… But for me this is the PATH FROM YESTERDAY TO TOMORROW!!!”.

Kozlovsky wanted to philosophize, and in fact once again demonstrated the ideal male figure, for which his praise is still in the comments under the photo.

Виталий Козловский очаровал фанаток пляжной фотографией

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