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Very rare images of World war II. Photo

Очень редкие снимки времен Второй Мировой. ФотоThe most incredible and stunning shots of the war.

The largest in the history of mankind war this year marks 76 years.

We offer you to remember the Second world war with nine amazing photos — perhaps you will be discouraged!

1. The French girl are shaved for connection with the Nazis

Очень редкие снимки времен Второй Мировой. Фото

After the liberation of France from the invaders, the locals decided to deal with their same — and to punish those who managed to find the Germans a common language. As a result, about ten thousand French people, mostly women, had experienced the power of the people’s anger. The most popular punishment was to shave the offending bald. In this photo made on 29 August 1944 in Montélimar, immortalized shaving girls, who had the temerity to close with the Germans.

2. The last photo of the raft from “Armidale”

Очень редкие снимки времен Второй Мировой. Фото

On 1 December 1942 off the coast of East Timor, Japanese fighters attacked a patrol ship of the Australian Navy’s Armidale”. Most of the crew perished with the ship, a few survivors managed to build from the remnants of the rescue boats raft. This photo was taken from Maritime patrol aircraft (flying boat) “Catalina” on 8 December, a week after the sinking of Armidale”. Because of the high storm waves “Catalina” in that day didn’t land it and help 20 the inhabitants of the raft. Never saw him again.

3. Elephant plow instead of a horse

Очень редкие снимки времен Второй Мировой. Фото

The war encouraged not only by humans but also horses. And someone needs to perform the amount of work the horse in the rear — Yes, anyone, even a circus elephant. Actually, the photo shows as the elephant of the circus Amar plow in occupied France in 1941.

4. The execution of General Dostler

Очень редкие снимки времен Второй Мировой. Фото

German General of infantry Anton Dostler was executed by the Americans in the Italian province of Caserta on charges of killing 15 soldiers of the American sabotage group. His execution, held on 1 December 1945, was carefully documented and photos, and on film. Revealing does not happen.

5. SS bow and pray

Очень редкие снимки времен Второй Мировой. Фото

13th mountain division SS “Khanjar” was formed in 1943, two years after capture by the Germans of Sarajevo and the Declaration of the puppet Independent state of Croatia. The division was formed from volunteers from Muslim Bosnians in the best of times has reached the number up to 26,000.

6. Russian spy laughing before being shot

Очень редкие снимки времен Второй Мировой. Фото

Soviet intelligence officer smiling at the camera, though he knows that in a second Finnish officer shoots him. The photo was taken in the snowy woods of East Karelia, in November 1942, but first published by the Ministry of defence of Finland in 2006. During the Second world war it was classified, as the Finnish government was afraid that the photo can be used for the benefit of Soviet propaganda.

7. “Flying tigers” in the sky over China

Очень редкие снимки времен Второй Мировой. Фото

During the war the United States helped China as they could. For example, in 1941-1942 on the side of China fought the volunteer air force unit called “Flying tigers”. For the formation of the division in China was sent to 99 aircraft Curtis P-40″, but the Chinese pilots refused to learn them, stating that they are still no comparison do not go with a Japanese “zero”. Then in “Flying tigers” began to join the volunteers-the Americans. “Tigers” was divided into three squadrons: “Adam and eve”, “hell’s Angels” and “Panda Bears”. Specifically on photo “hell’s Angels” in 1942.

8. The staff of Auschwitz resting

Очень редкие снимки времен Второй Мировой. Фото

And in this picture we see how the wait staff is the largest of the Nazi death camp has fun activities just like ordinary people. In the yard in 1942.

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