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Universe teeming with black holes astronomers

Вселенная кишит черными дырами - астрономыA group of scientists and astronomers come to grips with the study of the evolution of black holes in the Universe.

Scientists from the University of computational cosmology (USA) took up seriously the problem of studying of gravitational waves.

They develop space detector to identify them in the collision of massive black holes. To launch an object into space will be in 2034.

The uniqueness of the spacecraft is that it will track before entering the Ground. This will allow us to observe the collision of massive black holes and study in detail the process.

The principle of operation of the spacecraft is built on a detection frequency that is below normal. This will help to accurately display the picture of gravitational waves in explosions. Their speed to the third speed of light.

The development of a unique tool for the study of black holes in space has been the company EAGLE. She plans to create a realistic simulation of the Universe on the basis of the information received. Research on this issue needs twenty years and only after they are complete we will begin immediate implementation of the project.

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