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Ukraine will create your supertank “tireks”

Украина создаст свой супертанк "Тирекс"Ukraine will present “reckless” on the basis of tank T-64.

In Ukraine before the end of the year can be a new tank called “tireks” – such statement was made by Ukrainian military expert Sergiy Zgurets.

New combat vehicle is the modernized tank T-64. According to the expert, “tireks” can appear before the end of this year if it will not be affected by external factors. He said that there are alternative projects is more than simple, but less effective.

“I believe that the option “tireks” is optimal. He will have a desert tower, qualitatively enhanced protection and new fire control system comparable with the tank “Oplot”, the future of which is still very difficult. Through these solutions we will get a tank comparable to the tanks of our probable enemy,” said Zgurets.

Unlike tanks “Bulat”, which is a modernization of T-64, “tireks” will provide an opportunity to conduct a night battle. It was reported that it will be comparable in characteristics with the Russian “Armata”.

“In its capabilities they are comparable with the most modern armored fighting machines of our enemy, including the widely publicized Armata,” said Zgurets earlier in Facebook.

Soviet tank T-64 began to develop after the end of world war II. In 1954, was ready for preliminary design, in 1957 appeared the first prototypes. In 1969 began production, which lasted until 1987.

Украина создаст свой супертанк "Тирекс"
Украина создаст свой супертанк "Тирекс"

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