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“Ukraine needs the cleaning power of idiots”

"Украине необходима чистка власти от идиотов"

Rada Rabinovich — the mystery Savchenko and inevitable reconciliation between Kiev and Moscow

Verkhovna Rada Deputy Vadim Rabinovich in 2014 to compete with Petro Poroshenko in the presidential elections in Ukraine. Later on the party list of Opposition bloc, he was elected to Parliament. Tape.<url>” the MP said about the possibility of the Russian-Ukrainian reconciliation and the prospects of Hope Savchenko and Mikhail Saakashvili in Kiev politics.

.<url>: Nadezhda Savchenko has offered to hold direct talks with the leaders of the DNI and LC. Most Ukrainian politicians, this initiative was criticized. How do you treat it?

Rabinovich: Without participation of the Russian side of the point in such talks will be. Moscow, of course, interacts with the DNI and the LC, so the conversation need to connect the Kremlin. Do we need? To portray another appearance solution to the question or to really achieve reconciliation? If there will be direct negotiations with DND and LNR without the participation of Russia, the critical questions remain unresolved. I must admit that Russia in the region has its own interests that cannot be avoided. It is necessary to talk with everyone. (Moscow does not consider itself a party to the conflict in the Donbass — approx. “Of the tape.<url>”)

Do I understand correctly that you support the trilateral negotiations between the representatives of Kiev, Moscow and the Donbass?

Such negotiations are possible.

Savchenko after returning to Ukraine was marked by several loud statements. For example, called for Amnesty for the militia of Donbass, the work of Parliament described the Mat. How will you evaluate its activities?

People like her. Ukraine is now a shortage of politicians, causing positive emotions, and she obviously trusted. I think she tries to play the role of a Ukrainian Joan of Arc, and she says very good. Let’s see what will happen next. If it manages to rise above himself, above the trenches and prison, then it can get a politician. If it will come in numerous war party, it will remain a marginal niche. I recently told journalists that the Kremlin is in her face, slipped the Ukraine coup. This actually was some irony, but I notice for myself that for two years she learned to speak brilliantly! For a man that stood a few long dry fasts, Hope still looks great. It is even the main mystery. In Kiev, many have to her questions… But I think maybe in Russian prisons just the food is very fortified. It turns out, we have in the Ukraine pensioners are worse than the starving Russian prisoners.

Other MPs in the Parliament not jealous of her? All the media attention now riveted.

Don’t know, but I like it. I think it shakes up the political market. And then we have the same person 20 years flashed under different signs. If Savchenko not to make nonsense, it still show us. In the future, I guess she can claim to the presidency.

"Украине необходима чистка власти от идиотов"

Hope Savchenko in Parliament has attracted much attention

Photo: Andrey Kravchenko / Reuters

What do you think about the near future of the Ukrainian statehood? In DND believe that the deteriorating socio-economic situation, the regions will be pulled out of the Ukraine…

I am totally against the civil war. But I note that the centrifugal sentiments are fueled not only because of economic problems. For example, at a recent meeting of Parliament the speaker of Parliament Andriy Parubiy said that in the years of Soviet rule the Ukrainians in the East of Ukraine was taken, and in their place Moscow invaders brought immigrants “from other parts of other countries”. Therefore, according to him, the opinion of the inhabitants of the Eastern regions can not be ignored. In fact, he insulted half of the country. I was in the regions East and South of Ukraine. There Parubiy was sharply negative assessment. Such statements provoke separatism. To preserve the integrity of Ukraine requires not only the improvement of the economic situation, but also the cleaning power of idiots.

Faction “Opposition bloc called for the decentralization of Ukraine, for granting the Donbas special economic status. Do you support this requirement?

I always played it. I do believe that both sides of the conflict in the Donbass need to take a step back and begin to build Ukraine without hatred, peaceful country. Of course, there are dead, there are those who have lost loved ones, their home. It is clear that people have a heavy heart, but every war ends, even a century. Emotions, resentment will not help, it is necessary with a cool head to go to the world.

Might look like decentralization?

The word “federalization” we have somehow perceived with irritation. Well, let’s deal with land structure of the country. We need to get Ukraine where the regions decide for themselves what to do, where some do not dictate their will on others. Where all sorts of idiots from the center do not call the city of Komsomolsk Horishni Smoothly. I think we need to adopt a new Constitution and go through a period of unhealthy patriotism, which has been delayed. As a result of reforms we can become at least a Federation, even a Confederation. Switzerland is a Confederation and lived well. Economy and expediency should go ahead rabid patriotism.

Recently the journalists, you said that the Governor of Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili operates under the “cocaine drive. Where did you get this information?

I often come to Odessa, there is a lot of work. I constantly tell stories: Saakashvili pants on backwards put, the simplest of words can not pronounce… He promised to make the waterfront of Odessa is the best in Europe, now gave it all up. He created the Fund of development of Odessa, imposed all. Now, after a search, says that the Fund was not him. I believe that the crooks and thieves came to our country. They are under this cocaine drive Rob and kill Ukraine, killing hope for a fair policy. Saakashvili did not take place as a citizen of Ukraine. Let him go to him in Georgia. He says he built there a legal country, so let go and surrender to the authorities there.

Do you have any evidence that Saakashvili is using drugs?

I publicly asked him to pass the hair test. He refused. What else to do? To run to him, to cut off a piece of your finger? All Odessa knows what’s going on. There is a saying: “Ask anyone in Odessa, he’ll tell you.” About Saakashvili will tell you all. A rating in the region he is zero. Odessa people are gullible, but know people quickly.

"Украине необходима чистка власти от идиотов"

According to Rabinovich, Mikhail Saakashvili is working under cocaine drive

Photo: Oleg Kutskiy / “Kommersant”

In your opinion, the rapprochement between Russia and Ukraine in the future perhaps? What are the conditions?

Russia — the eternal neighbor of Ukraine. It is impossible to disperse, as in a communal apartment. Russia will not move to the Maldives, Ukraine will not take place in Singapore. In this neighborhood we will live forever. Who drives the hatred between the peoples, that, to put it mildly, a bad person. Despite all the difficulties, we need to sit down and talk. It is necessary to establish a dialogue with the social activists, parliamentarians. But now both sides just escalate the hatred. We try not only politicians but also journalists. I’m pretty sure that without Russia it is impossible. Ukraine should become a neutral, independent state, trading with all its neighbors.

That is, to abandon European integration?

It for me generally a riddle. Why naked well… to go to European integration? It is necessary to deal with domestic Affairs, and not rely on the aid of the foreign uncle. In addition, it is clear that nobody will give nothing to us. We need to stop living with illusions and to build a normal country at peace with its neighbors, otherwise nothing.

The Verkhovna Rada meets a lot of radical Ukrainian nationalists, supporters of Bandera, Shukhevych. You personally are not confused?

The East and center of Ukraine Bandera never was not considered a hero and will not be considered. For me he was a criminal, and it still is. While we do dominate the screamers-nationalists. This will all go away, have a little patience. I go to the regions, I see that the situation has changed dramatically. Two years ago, many were covered by jingoistic sentiments. Now those same people look at the situation more soberly.

When, in your opinion, nationalist, anti-Russian sentiments will no longer dominate Ukrainian politics?

A year need to be patient.

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