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Uber has created a service for the carriage of bicycles

Uber создал сервис для перевозки велосипедовUber has created a new service for cyclists.

The company Uber has announced a new taxi service aimed at cyclists. UberBike, currently available only in Amsterdam, allows you to book a vehicle equipped with a Bicycle rack.

According to the company, the new service could be useful if a cyclist, for whatever reason, does not want to go home himself or his vehicle unexpectedly broke down on the road. UberBike prices are the same as for UberX, but with additional charge of €4.

In Amsterdam, according to some estimates, about 800 thousand bikes. At the same time 63 % of the population use bicycles on a daily basis. That is why UberBike was launched in Amsterdam. However, service availability is still very limited: on Thursday afternoon, in the relevant section was available as one single machine.

UberBike was another product in the list of services Uber, created specifically for the traffic patterns in different cities. So, earlier this year in Bangkok was launched service motorcycle taxi UberMoto: in the capital of Thailand is by motorbike is the most convenient to avoid falling into the tube. Later, however, the service was declared in Bangkok outside the law. As for the UberBike, it is not yet clear whether he’ll make it outside of Amsterdam.

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