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This archeological discovery will “rewrite” history

Эта археологическая находка "перепишет" историюFound in Borneo, the skull has changed the scientists ‘ ideas about the resettlement of people on the planet.

On the island of Borneo by a group of archaeologists discovered the skull, which according to preliminary estimates, there are 37 000 years.

The 37,000-year-old skull in Borneo, were found half a century ago. This finding refuted the assumption that the aborigines were the first people who settled on the island. Scientists who have studied the find, came to the conclusion that the people of those days had delicate features and small size of the body, somewhat similar to people living today on the island of Borneo.

Initially scientists speculated that the skull belonged to a teenage boy that is associated with the early ancestors of Australian aborigines who arrived in Australia from southern Asia across the Pacific ocean about 60 000 years ago. But now scientists believe that the first people on the island of Borneo, and the ancient natives weren’t related at all.

Эта археологическая находка "перепишет" историю

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