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These products should not eat in the heat

Эти продукты не стоит есть в жару Summer diet has a number of features.

This is due to the weather conditions: heat, heat and stuffiness. It was at this time of the year people drink a lot more water, trying to include in your diet a variety of fruits, vegetables and berries which also contain a lot of fluids.

However, not everyone knows that summer not only need to actively use some food, but also to exclude others. This is due to the fact that salt, which is contained in our favorite meals retards the excretion of fluid, which in large amounts enters the body in the summer.

Experts have made a list of foods that should be excluded from the diet because they contain a lot of salt.


Elegant and delicious cheese loved by all. However, it is better to postpone until the fall and did not score this product the refrigerator, in order not to succumb to temptation, the temptation is really great.
Cheese is a very salty product. 100 grams of any cheese contains about 30% of the daily value of salt. If you don’t want the evening to suffer from edema, it is not worth it to pamper yourself Gouda or Maasdam.


Sauerkraut must be in the diet, but not in the summer. It is perfect for autumn, winter or spring. It is in this time of the year of infection and colds attack. And sauerkraut, which contains a large amount of vitamin C effectively strengthens the immune system. However for summer, it is not suitable. In 100 grams of product contains 20 to 30% of the daily value of salt. Despite all its useful properties, cabbage should be used with caution in persons with gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer, cholelithiasis, renal failure, hypertension, diseases of the pancreas and at high acidity of gastric juice.

Green beans

I believe that green beans is a wonderful easy side dish? We agree, but suggest not to lean on it in the summer. 100 grams of green beans contains 15% of the daily value of salt. Of course, the figure is not so big. But in the summer, when the body gets plenty of liquids and needs a diuretic products to effectively get rid of it, even small numbers matter.

Corn flakes

Cornflakes may seem at first glance a great summer snack quickly satisfies hunger and does not require time to prepare. However, for the hot time of year this product is not suitable. In 100 grams of corn flakes contains 20 to 30% of the daily value of salt. A small handful will are limited to is usually difficult.

Smoked meat and sausages

Smoked meat and sausages is also hardly a summer product. 100 grams of this delicacy, like smoked fish, contains from 5 to 15% of the daily value of salt. It would seem, a bit it is possible to afford. However, it should be rather the exception. Because these products themselves are not particularly useful and harder to assimilate than fruit, vegetables and cereals. Moreover, after their thirst is even greater.

Canned tuna

Love salads and sandwiches with canned tuna? Put this delicacy to the cool weather. This product contains salt lot: 100 grams of canned tuna supply the body with 20 to 30% of the daily value. As a result, the thirst increased and the water is discharged with difficulty. Swelling and swollen limbs!Remember that tuna is not recommended for eating in renal failure. With great care and after consultation with the doctor is this product can pregnant women and children.

Wheat bread

Wheat bread contains in its composition of 10% of the daily requirement of salt, if we consider a serving of 100 grams. However, this figure is very conditional. After all, bread for the company are other products which contain large amounts of salt. For example, sandwich with smoked fish or meat. And then the amount of salt increases already up to the critical heat of summer heights. And that’s just for one meal.

Salted and pickled vegetables

No wonder they say that vegetables are salted in winter. To use pickles in your food in the summer sometimes even silly. Because so many fresh and juicy fruits, rich in vitamins and minerals. Besides, only 100 grams salted or pickled vegetables contains from 20 to 30% of the daily value of salt. In addition, salted and pickled vegetables have a number of other contraindications. If a person is suffering from liver disease, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and cardiovascular system, from pickles to him should be abandoned.


Sugar beet belongs to the category of very useful roots. However, it is rather autumn and winter product. In addition to sugar beets are also a lot of salt in 100 grams of product are about 10% of the daily value. In addition, the sugar belongs to the category of diuretic vegetables, so the extra liquid is easier to not be output. By the way, don’t look at the beets if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney stones, osteoporosis, increased acidity of the stomach.

Smoked fish

Smoked fish can be a delicious filling for sandwiches or a hearty snack. However, this love should wear seasonal. This is due, of course, with the amount of salt in the composition of this product. The language of numbers, it looks like this: 100 grams of smoked fish contains from 5 to 15% of the daily value of salt. This means that you can treat yourself to a small piece of it you can, but do not get carried away.

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