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These foods should be consumed for Breakfast to anyone who wants to be healthy

Эти продукты следует употреблять на завтрак каждому, кто хочет быть здоровымYou can take care of your health in the morning.

Many of us do not give much importance to the Breakfast, and some even forget about him or stick with the coffee. A fragrant Cup of strong freshly brewed coffee is certainly good, but the body we are unlikely to thank for this start to the day, writes the Chronicle.Info with reference on HealthInfo.

After all, it is the first meal nourishes our brain is glucose, which in turn stimulates us to think productively. In addition, according to scientists, people who are not skipping Breakfast, less depressed, less likely to suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and obesity. Good reasons to start the day with a proper Breakfast.

Consider a few options healthy start within proper diet:

Protein Breakfast

Protein Breakfast speeds up metabolism and gives a feeling of satiety and is most beneficial for the muscles. So, if our challenge is to lose weight or day we begin with physical activity is the best option of Breakfast.

For your first meal, perfect food, prepared with 2 eggs, whether scrambled, fried, boiled eggs or poached eggs – it’s all good. In addition, prepare yourself salad of seasonal vegetables. Typically, winter and early spring – this is a variation on the theme of “cabbage salad”, in the summer – a complete flight of fancy. In addition, salads and more greens – parsley, dill, green onions, spinach, lettuce and so on. As a dressing, use olive, sunflower or Flaxseed oil, natural yoghurt, lemon juice and vinegar.

Dairy products

Another great start to the day with a platter of cheese (about 100 grams) with nuts or dried fruit. In addition, suitable Cup of natural yogurt or yogurt, in them, by the way, also you can add some nuts, dried fruits or a few spoons of seeds of flax.

Under this option, the Breakfast, our body gets essential for strong bones and teeth calcium, and lactic acid bacteria normalize bowel function.

Carbohydrate Breakfast

Carbohydrate Breakfast is great for everyday work – it charges us with energy and glucose, necessary for the active work of the brain.


The Breakfast is perfect porridge made from raw grain – not white rice, buckwheat or oatmeal. Feel free to add in a little cereal nuts, dried fruit, pumpkin seeds or flax seeds.

One option for a proper Breakfast can be a few slices of bread from wheat flour (it is better to dry the bread in the toaster) and that is the most delicious Cup of coffee.

A mixture of grains

Use a mixture of grains, derived from whole grains: oatmeal, buckwheat, barley, wheat, rye, corn, rice, wheat and so on. In such mixture you can also add pieces of dried fruit, nuts, seeds of flax, pumpkin, etc.

In addition, a great Breakfast will be a bowl of homemade granola, dressed with natural yogurt or milk (2.5% fat).

Fruit salads

This healthy Breakfast option is more suitable for the weekend, when no hurry and want to cheer yourself up. For example, you can prepare a salad of Apple, banana, pear and kiwi (fruit can change at their discretion, but do not overdo it in the eating of bananas and grapes). As a dressing for bowls of this fruit salad is perfect for a glass of natural yoghurt without additives – about 150-200 ml.

As you can see, the options wholesome Breakfast variety, and going on a proper diet, not necessarily to absorb monotonous tasteless food.

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