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These ballerina has managed to become a famous actress. Photo

Эти балерины сумели стать известными актрисами. ФотоThey all eventually become known, and someone even got the coveted “Oscar”.

Many Hollywood actress in her youth, dancing. And even some ballet. Perhaps he taught them discipline and instilled a sense of beauty.

Unfortunately, someone to pursue a ballet career prevented the injury. Others preferred the ballet, acting and others still in the shower more ballerina than actress. But they all eventually become known, and someone even got a coveted Oscar. Who are these beautiful dancers?

1. Natalie Portman

Эти балерины сумели стать известными актрисами. Фото

In the film Black Swan by Darren Aronofsky, released in 2010, Natalie Portman played a young prima ballerina who slowly goes mad during a production of Swan lake. Natalie studied ballet since the age of four and continues to take lessons now. She is a real ballerina. It is called the new Audrey Hepburn, who also did ballet.

2. Summer Glau

Эти балерины сумели стать известными актрисами. Фото

Best known for her performance as river Tam in the series Firefly, as well as the girl-cyborg in the science fiction television series Terminator: the battle for the future. But before becoming an actress, summer was a professional ballerina. And continued ballet career, if not for a serious leg injury. In 2009 summer played herself in the 17th episode of the 2nd season of Comedy series “the big Bang Theory”, where the main characters discover that they the train rides were their favorite actress.

3. Emilie de Raven

Эти балерины сумели стать известными актрисами. Фото

Emily began studying ballet at age nine (which is pretty late) and at fifteen entered the Australian ballet school, where he participated in productions and practiced. Soon, however, she left the ballet and decided to study acting. It was her dream and it came true. Emily got roles in several TV series and movies, and we all know her by her role of Claire in the TV show survivor.

4. Charlize Theron

Эти балерины сумели стать известными актрисами. Фото

Charlize Theron ballerina of the classical school. She began studying ballet at age 6, then studied at the National school of arts in Johannesburg. But what was there to do the dancer? So she went to the USA and Europe and started to build her career as a dancer, model and actress. Working as part of a ballet company and danced in Swan lake and the Nutcracker. And only then began to act in films. Today, this former ballerina is at the top of the Hollywood Olympus.

5. Elisabeth Moss

Эти балерины сумели стать известными актрисами. Фото

Elisabeth moss, known for the TV series Mad men, studied ballet from the age of five. As a teenager, she attended School of American ballet in new York. In 15 years, however, Elizabeth realized that the fleeting career of ballerina and as an actress she can do better. Judgment sensible and far-sighted for 15-year-old girl! Besides, she was right.

6. Penelope Cruz

Эти балерины сумели стать известными актрисами. Фото

Spanish beauty Penelope Cruz is known for such films as Vanilla sky, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger tides. But before all these movies she’s 9 years studying classical ballet at the Spanish national Conservatory, where he won the competition with 300 other girls. She also studied three years of Spanish ballet and four years in drama. Acting talent was stronger, but probably ballet and workmanship Penelope came in handy.

7. Diane Kruger

Эти балерины сумели стать известными актрисами. Фото

Diana dreamed of ballet since childhood. And her dream came true she was taken to the Royal ballet school in London. All was going well until Diane received a knee injury and hopes for a ballet career had to leave. Back home in Germany, Diana went into the modeling business. And later moved to Paris to study acting and it was the right decision. We know her from such films as Troy, Obsession, national Treasure, Inglourious Basterds.

8. Zoe Saldana

Эти балерины сумели стать известными актрисами. Фото

Zoe Saldana discovered her love of dance when she was ten years old. She enrolled in one of the most prestigious dance schools in the Dominican Republic, where she studied ballet and modern Latin dances. After high school her family moved to the United States. There she performed in the new York youth theater, and soon received the first role was played by dancer eve in the film, the Foreground in 2000. And then the role went one after the other and in Guardians of the Galaxy, and pirates of the Caribbean, and Avatar (by the way, she will take part in an Avatar-2, Avatar 3 and Avatar-4, which is scheduled to come out within the next six years).

9. Sarah Jessica Parker

Эти балерины сумели стать известными актрисами. Фото

The star of Sex and the city, Sarah Jessica Parker was a ballet dancer before becoming Carrie Bradshaw. She studied at the School of American ballet and at the school of art. Acting Sarah started to study already as a professional dancer and singer. His first role she got in the Broadway musical here things progressed from there. Now Sarah Jessica Parker is a famous actress and who remembers little about her ballet past.

10. Amy Adams

Эти балерины сумели стать известными актрисами. Фото

This cute red-haired girl raised in a family of Mormons. During her studies, Amy worked in the dance troupe, dreaming of becoming a ballerina. Realizing that she’s not talented enough to become a professional ballerina, Adams got a job in musical theatre. There she opened and she got a role in a movie (Enchanted, Cruel intentions, Catch me if you can, Julie & Julia, American hustle), and the role of the good, I must say. But even the College is not finished! Still, the ballet is power.

11. Jessica Brown Findlay

Эти балерины сумели стать известными актрисами. Фото

English actress Jessica brown Findlay is known for her role as Sybil in the TV series Downton Abbey and other movie work. But before she was a ballerina! Brown Findlay trained in the company National children’s ballet. When she was 15, she was invited to the Royal Opera house for the summer season during the tour of the Mariinsky ballet. To 18 years of age Jessica was trained at the London School of arts. Unfortunately, the ballet had to end due to several operations on his ankle. Although until now the actress hopes that she will be able to obtain the role of a ballerina and at least not at the highest level, but quite professionally dance on keroscene.

12. Jennifer Garner

Эти балерины сумели стать известными актрисами. Фото

Jennifer says that as a child she danced, because she’s driven by determination, not talent. She studied ballet from the age of three and it’s all for the love of the scene. The attention of the audience, the applause, the fans that’s what attracted this girl. But to become a classical ballerina, she never thought. In College she studied chemistry, and after graduating from College abandoned science and moved into the actress, having received, by the way, another diploma now about the graduation in the direction of the theater. We know Jennifer garner from such films as Where’s my car, dude?, Pearl Harbor, Catch me if you can.

13. MIA Wasikowska

Эти балерины сумели стать известными актрисами. Фото

MIA wasikowska for another Australian actress who started out as a ballerina. And another actress who had to quit ballet in order to give the main passion of acting, after the trauma. Breakthrough for MIA’s happened with the Tim Burton movie Alice in Wonderland in 2010. And in 2016 she played in the sequel to Alice in Wonderland. In addition to these roles, there are other: in the films Crimson peak, Jane Eyre, the Mysterious albert Nobbs, only lovers left alive.

14. Megan Mullally

Эти балерины сумели стать известными актрисами. Фото

Megan famous comedienne, starred in the TV series will & grace, in which she played an alcoholic Secretary Karen. For her roles and not to say that she grew up surrounded by elegant dancers. Megan was prima ballerina in the ballet company in Oklahoma city and studied at the School of American ballet by George Balanchine. Later studied English literature and became interested in theater, and contributed her move to Los Angeles, closer to the world of show business. Megan starred in many serials and also played in several Broadway musicals.

15. Neve Campbell

Эти балерины сумели стать известными актрисами. Фото

Star of the horror films Scream ballerina. That’s a surprise! At nine years old she entered the National ballet school of Canada. As a student of the school, she appeared in two ballets — “the Nutcracker” and “Sleeping beauty”. In 15 years of Niamh dropped out at the ballet school and devoted himself to becoming an acting career, making his debut on the theatrical stage in “the Phantom of the Opera” in a theater in Toronto.

16. Jenna Elfman

Эти балерины сумели стать известными актрисами. Фото

Jenna Elfman, known for her role chippoke the Dharma in the TV series Dharma and Greg, a classical ballerina. A little bit does not fit the image of a hippy with the image of the ballerina, but Jenna somehow managed. She began ballet study at 5 years, and in 16 years she had to quit because of a painful injury received in nine years. For several years she suffered the pain, but infinitely could not be tolerated. And it is strange, though admirable. Probably, she loved the ballet to distraction. Well, at least she has the opportunity to perform on stage, albeit in a different capacity.

17. Michelle Yeo

Эти балерины сумели стать известными актрисами. Фото

Michelle Yeo her ballet experience and ballet discipline really helped to prepare for the filming of combat scenes in movies like Tomorrow never dies and Crouching tiger, hidden dragon. She’s one of the few women Jackie Chan allows to compose and perform their own stunts. Ballet Michelle began practicing four years, and then studied at London’s Royal Academy of dance. However, a spinal injury brought about changes: I had to switch to choreography and dramaturgy. In 1983, Michelle Yeo became the winner of the beauty contest “Miss Malaysia”, which appeared in a television commercial with Jackie Chan. This started her acting career.

18. Amanda Of Shell

Эти балерины сумели стать известными актрисами. Фото

Amanda of Shull was born in Honolulu and received a classical ballet education. In 1999, she joined the ballet company of San Francisco, where he worked until 2006. In 2000 Amanda starred in one of the best dance movies of the Proscenium. It was her first role and the most noticeable. Since then, she’s starred mostly in TV series (cold case, Bones, Two and a half men).

19. Kiernan SHIPKA

Эти балерины сумели стать известными актрисами. Фото

We know this young actress for the role of the eldest daughter of the main character Sally Draper in the series Mad men. 16-year-old SHIPKA Kiernan took lessons of ballet skills with five years. In 2014, she played a young ballerina in the film Flowers in the attic. Kernan tells about the ballet: I love ballet. The ballet its language, its own life. When I’m in ballet class I feel that I’ve entered another world.

20. Nina Dobrev

Эти балерины сумели стать известными актрисами. Фото

Nina was born in Bulgaria, and later her family moved to Canada. Dance Nina started middle school, then went to art school. She also did gymnastics and played for team Canada. Sometimes she complains about the spoiled ballet legs, but she’s strong and trained body, for which may thanks and ballet including. Most famous role Nina Dobrev Elena in the vampire Diaries TV series.

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