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The world’s most powerful laser polygon

They say that Russia is hopelessly behind in technological and scientific terms. But is it true?

It is worth noting that the new laser is being developed not in USA and not even in the EU, and Russia

Самый мощный в мире лазерный полигон

New the world’s most powerful laser system, which has no analogues on the power developed in the Sarov Federal nuclear Center. Yes, it is in Sarov and in the Center, where at one time 70 years ago was designed and manufactured by the world’s most powerful thermonuclear bomb – the famous “gruel”.


Самый мощный в мире лазерный полигон

The world’s most powerful laser system , created in Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod region, will be launched in 2019. Earlier it was planned to start in 2020, ITAR-TASS reported. This was announced by Director of Russian Federal nuclear center Valentin Kostyukov.

According to General designer laser systems all-Russian research Institute of experimental physics (VNIIEF) Russian Federal nuclear center Sergei Garanina, this equipment will be carried out fundamental studies on high-temperature dense plasma, and this will be the center of collective use, where they can work not only Russian but also foreign scientists.

Already finished the design of the plant , and the production of its component parts and the construction and installation work should begin in 2015. It is planned that the first phase of the installation will be launched in 2017, after which will be conducted experiments that, in the opinion Kostyukova, will provide answers to many questions of fundamental science.

As explained Garanin, installation of UV-2m will have 192 laser channel, to occupy an area “about the size of two football fields, and at the highest point reach the size of a ten-house”. It will have the largest pulse energy compared with their Western counterparts – more than 2 MJ. A similar unit has a capacity of 1.8 MJ.

The installation will be located on the territory of Technopark ” Sarov “, which is located near the closed town of nuclear scientists and the Federal nuclear center . The construction cost could reach 45 billion rubles.

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