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The winner of the show “the Bachelor” shared fresh photos

Победительница шоу «Холостяк» поделилась свежими фотографиямиAlena Lasik showed the new photos on the page in social network Instagram.

After the project the Bachelor ended, the official account of the main character of the show and the winners were filled with personal photos. Judging by the pictures, Alena and Irakli are still together. Makatsaria posted a picture with friends made in Georgia, and signed it thus: “FRIENDS! (Alenka works, don’t worry! all is well!) to prevent the development of rumors about the breakup with Lasik.

Alain has shared a photo with a psychologist in one of Kiev restaurants. She wrote under this photo: “often ask me: how are you doing? and I say All is well! I talk with Lena, she’s a psychologist)). But few people know what this PSYCHOLOGIST! ❤This is for U! Glad we are together! Good night!”.

Also, the winner of the sixth season of the show “the Bachelor” showed a joint photo with her lover, however, the public Network has reacted ambiguously to this photo. The fact is that after the final project has been more than six months, and lovers of Irakli and Alena shared a few photos, according to people, their images should be much more.

Победительница шоу «Холостяк» поделилась свежими фотографиями

Победительница шоу «Холостяк» поделилась свежими фотографиями

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