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The Vivo smartphone X7 will replace the models vivo Xshot

Chinese company Vivo plans to release a successor smartphone Xshot — sensational camera-phone sample 2014. His direct descendant was supposed to go last year, but then the announcement (not even release) was moved to the current year, but it still did not happen. Apparently, the development model of the Xshot 2 (working title) is discontinued, however, replaced the camera-phone may come to the X7 model.

About the smartphone Vivo X7 is very little that is quite unlike the Chinese manufacturers — they usually try to talk about their new products before the announcement to attract the attention of potential buyers. But no, it’s backwards, but at least the photo feature, where the Vivo Xshot is located in close proximity with his possible child. X7, of course, will also be a camera-phone, since there is nothing one only Sony to hold the relevant segment of the market.

Note that the smartphone in pictures is somehow too similar to each other, although usually this sin, only Apple and Samsung, so it is not excluded the possibility of forgery. Anyway, soon a new Chinese phone will appear before the public in all its glory — according to unofficial information, the official announcement will be held during this month. Let’s add that the full camera is in the line of many manufacturers, but most often special attention to the built-in cameras give exactly the Chinese vendors.

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