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The US army will serve as transgender

В армии США будут служить трансгендерыTransgenders are allowed to serve in the U.S. army.

Us authorities said that in July, the Pentagon will officially lift the ban on service in the armed forces of the United States transgender people.

The Minister of defense ash Carter called the existing restrictions are outdated and harmful to the army.

This message was welcomed by activists fighting for the rights of transgender people.

Earlier in the post joined the new Minister of the US army Eric fanning. He became the first openly gay, who took a high civilian post in the U.S. army. The Secretary of the army responsible for personnel, buildings and facilities, the formation of the reserve, weapons systems, and so on.

The LGBT community have served in the armed forces before, but had no right to speak about his sexual orientation openly. In 2011, the United States finally lifted the ban on military service openly gay and lesbians.

In 2014, with a request to allow them to serve in the armed forces to the Pentagon asked American and transgender.

The new regulation regulates legal, medical, and domestic issues that can stoklosa transgender in the army: where to live, what form to wear, what shower to use.

However, the head of Committee of the house of representatives of the US armed forces, Republican Mac Thornberry was subjected to the action of the new Minister of the army to criticism.

“If reports are true, I believe that Minister Carter has set the political agenda of the outgoing administration of the above problems of combat readiness of troops,” – said the Congressman.

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