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The unexpected joy of a Minister of France dispute

Нечаянная радость министра спора Франции


The sports Minister of France Patrick Kanner stated that he is glad that the national team of Russia on football could be disqualified for Euro 2016

(from the news)


We managed to visit the house of Mr. Kanner and interview him under the guise of the crew of CNN.

A small cozy house in the suburbs of Paris.

The friendly owner met us on the threshold of vigorously threw up his right hand with a straightened hand and cordially invited into the house.

We settled down in the spacious living room and asked the first question:

– What motivated You, Mr. Kanner, when you made your statement?

Patrick sighed, rose from his chair and pointed to an old painting, which depicted a man in a military uniform of the Napoleonic era.

Is my ancestor, Francois Kanner, ” he said, barely holding back the excitement. – He died at the hands of the Russians.

They killed him in a bayonet charge at Borodino? but we gasped.

– Almost! answered sir Patrick. – He drowned during the retreat to the river Berezina. It dragged on the bottom in silver and gold ornaments, obtained them in one of the temples of the Kremlin. Never Russian will not forgive!

– Barbarians – we agree. – People were just drawn to beautiful.

– That’s it! – cried the Minister of sports of France, running up to another portrait on the wall.

And my grandfather, Jean Kanner, he kept a bistro on the Champs Elysees. When in Paris, Germans – its revenue has increased significantly! Especially after he was handed over to the Gestapo his old rival, Moshe Tziperman – the bitch hell damn tasty croissants. And these Russians, by this his Stalingrad, broke off my grandfather all successful business! The Germans immediately lost my appetite, becoming angry, irritable and unable to pay.

– What about your grandfather then not included in the list of collaborators? – we were surprised.

– Oh! My grandfather was a very clever man! laughed Mr. Kanner – When the war ended, they with fellow beat and shaved a street flower girl, which the Germans bought flowers, when he went to the brothel, organized by my grandfather. This was written all the French Newspapers and he was awarded the Legion of honor.

– A heroic act! – admired us.

– But my uncle Pierre Kanner, sadly he pointed to another photo. – Due to the Russian sanctions on his farm went bankrupt, he became poor and recently hanged himself in the greenhouse with artichokes.

– It’s awful! – sorry we are. But, we believe, first introduced sanctions that countries of the EU, no?

– Yes, we are! – exclaimed Mr. Kanner. But we had the right! We are a civilized country and have every right to impose sanctions against any savages!


Then the Minister of sports of France cringed:

– Why do you have some strange questions? You really from CNN?

– No, we are from Russia – honestly we. – Sorry that I misled you.

After that, Mr. Kanner pushed us out of his house, took the nozzle of the microphone and chased us around the suburbs of Paris, threatening to take us to the police as terrorists.



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