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The telescope “Hubble” captures big star “hospital”

Телескоп «Хаббл» запечатлел крупный звездный «роддом»Globular clusters are a close “family” of several tens or hundreds of thousands of stars that exist on the outskirts of galaxies.

The telescope “Hubble” captures big star “hospital”: the stars globular cluster NGC 1854. The footage shows several hundreds of thousands of white and blue stars, they are in a neighboring galaxy, the Large Magellanic Cloud.

In this place the active processes of the birth of stars. A cluster of celestial bodies is located in the constellation goldfish and distant from our planet for 135 thousand light years. Rich interstellar gas and dust galaxy is a “home” for approximately 700 60 globular and open clusters.

The large Magellanic Cloud and Small Magellanic Cloud are often the center of attention of astronomers, as only they can observe all the stages of development that are space objects. Now experts are working to establish the exact number of young stars. In the future, they plan to match them with the same “hospital” within our galaxy.

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