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The strange logic of the Russian economic decriminalization

Странная логика российской экономической декриминализации

The level of economic crime in Russia continues to grow, and authorities have come up with an original way of dealing with it.

The Duma Committee on civil, criminal, arbitration and procedural legislation advised the lower house of the Russian Parliament to adopt the bill on the decriminalization of the crimes in the economic sphere.

According to the explanatory note and positive reviews, the bill “will help create a business climate in the country and reduce risks of doing business.”

Sounds just great, right? That’s only if all so smoothly in reality?

The key proposals of the new bill are:

  • Refusal from criminal prosecution of persons who compensate for the damage committed an economic crime;
  • Lifting the financial “threshold” for bringing persons to criminal liability – in particular, for some types of fraud.

Significant will be the damage of 10 thousand rubles (vs. 2.5 thousand today), large – more than 3 million rubles (250 thousand), especially large – more than 12 million (vs 1 million). Indeed, everything becomes much more liberal.

But whose business activity is going to promote this bill? Entrepreneurs or to those who “throws” money?

It turns out that life is facilitated by persons who deliberately commit crimes under the Criminal code of the Russian Federation? This is called “improving the business climate in Russia”?

It appears that the person going for a number of crimes that are now clearly aware that risk solely to the money! Fraud, illegal loan, illegal turnover of precious metals, illegal business and a number of offences becomes, in fact, in just a risky business!

It’s one thing when there is a risk to obtain a period, a criminal record, confiscation. Another – when we are talking about trivial financial compensation!

Now unscrupulous people with the amount of money which he is willing to risk, successfully “throwing” people until he meet someone agile, able to shake law enforcement agencies. In this case, the conman sighs, reimburse a particular person damages, pays a fine and goes to “throw” people on! Well, if the Scam was organized on relatively small by the standards of a businessman that amount, then the damages, it turns out, is optional. The prospects for the institution of proceedings there, and to get compensation from a professional crook after the civil court is practically impossible.

But all our lyrics.

In 2015, the level of economic crime in Russia grew by 4%. Now he will fall, and stats will improve. And that’s the main thing. And the fact that speculators will continue to do what they are doing is not important.

After all, this is a General legislative trend.

Battery and petty theft, by the way, will be decriminalized in the near future. As child support.

And when statistics will once again bring you something else to decriminalize. For example, robbery. Or robbery. Yes, or murder, in the end… the Demographic situation is improving. That to spoil the statistics?

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