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The state Duma: the last days came

With what result printer, went to change cartridges

Госдума: последние дни наступили

On Friday, the state Duma should adopt the package of Spring” — perhaps the most resonant and controversial set of legislative initiatives over the last couple of years. Now it is hastily ruled, but even in edited form it looks disproportionate repressive situation in the country. One gets the impression that the Duma of the sixth convocation, called a “mad printer”, tried to remain in people’s memory forever.

The last days of work of deputies of the state Duma was nervous. On the eve of the final session, which, in particular, should take the most odious bills over the years, this part of the lower house, they immediately began to rule.

Thursday, in particular, of the “anti-terror” package of the authorship of deputies Irina Yarovaya and Senator Viktor Ozerov had disappeared, the measure of so-called voluntary deprivation of citizenship of the Russians. Earlier in the document proposed to revoke the citizenship (without a written application from a citizen) people with dual citizenship convicted by some terrorist and extremist articles, as well as coming in a variety of foreign or international organizations — from the IDF to charitable NGOs.

Interpretation of norms of the Russian Constitution we have are quite at ease, but to call “voluntary” such deprivation of citizenship is as difficult as to equate the deed to the confiscation of property.

Besides, legislators could suggest that this approach may suffer the first representatives of the “Russian world” — that many Crimeans, and “our people” in Abkhazia and Transnistria, and “half our people” in Israel, and many other compatriots outside Russia. In General, the norm was withdrawn.

Earlier from the package excluded the proposal to ban leaving the country for “caution” about inadmissibility of extremism, which automatically made all travel abroad, whom law enforcement agencies, for whatever reasons, would want to issue such a “warning”. Also, obviously, violated the constitutional norm of freedom of movement.

On Thursday the document was corrected — now in the “Spring package” such punishment as a temporary ban from leaving the country, no.

Nevertheless, it was still a lot of innovation. For example, to imprison for non-information. The authors propose to introduce into the criminal code a new article “failure to report a crime”, which can get even children from the age of 14, if not reported “where follows” about bad uncles or aunts, which can undermine the “territorial integrity of Russia”.

Also, now you can sit not only for the organization and participation in mass riots, but also for “engagement” in them.

For the census “extra” in social networks will be able to sit for a long time. Punishment for crimes “of an extremist nature” is proposed to tighten serious, including for children from the age of 14.

The operators, under the laws, will be required to store six months of phone records and all correspondence of the users, the fact of the call or message or three years. And law enforcement officers will be able to study these data. Operators have estimated that Spring offers data retention of mobile subscribers and network users are trillions.

At this cost they will not be able to pay income tax about a hundred years, and the budget will not receive about 450 billion rubles and this will lead to the inevitable increase in prices for communication services in the country.


The impression is that called a “mad printer” the state Duma as if on purpose, trying to remain in people’s memory forever, at the end of its work, taking dozens of controversial bills. Why? Here are the options.

Apparently, the reputation among voters in the lower house of Parliament, few people think. In fact, from the outset, the Duma had problems with the legitimacy of the first “Bolotnaya” protests began after the Duma elections of December 2011.

And “offended” deputies five years like avenged his offenders-voters taking a restraining document after another.

“Worthy” of her work, judging by the poll “Газеты.Ru”, I think only 4% of our readers. And most of the citizens in General, few are watching what is happening on the Okhotny, so even Pro-government pollsters say that only a third of Russians know that the next Duma elections scheduled for next September.

With such a cool relationship with the voters is already too late to try to win their sympathy. Especially because most don’t really care what’s in the Duma is happening. People think that all of them are not affected. Realize that actually has everything to do with units, and then only when they begin to roll over positions in the social networks, some loud phone conversations on the bus, which other good citizens decide to inform the relevant service, etc. So it was a long time ago. And now. One voter still another is the fact that in the minority, and care. But the tools to change something he is not available. And now, after such active work of Parliament and does not.

Actually, a lot, and was directed exactly to the people left at all. Focused deputies on the other. To emphasize their loyalty to the people, political decision makers and lobbying to fulfil promises — that’s it, last chance. Maybe because the last days of the “mad printer” works at absolutely breakneck speed.

In addition, the following six months the country will live with virtually no legislative power. Until the election, while new members get accustomed to the Okhotny Ryad until you establish relationships with other authorities And the so-called anti-extremist tools may be necessary in the fall, if the election campaign suddenly surprises, and certainly next year, which promises to be very challenging.


Economic and social problems are getting worse, and ahead of presidential elections 2018.

For the remainder of the time to radically change the situation in the country is difficult, but possible to Polish to Polish the whole social surface.

A makeover in all areas, where there were indicators of ill-being and discontent, the credit rating agencies, the media, social networks, online aggregators. In General, everywhere, where it can seep unauthorized peep about the problems and difficulties. Here and useful for “Spring pack” and other laws, which accepted so much that even the legislators don’t seem to know where and which one can shoot.

If in the first act on the wall hangs a gun, then, as we remember, in the past it certainly should shoot.

Legislation has been passed with a margin for growth — how will the situation in the country, today few people understand, but a Toolkit for all occasions must be prepared and sharpened. But when and to whom it will fly is the question…


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