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The star of “Game of thrones” caught for indecent santiam

Звезду "Игры престолов" застукали за непристойным заняиемActress Saeed Varadi found on the Lam website.

The British actress said Varadi, who played a few explicit scenes in the acclaimed fantasy television series Game of thrones, offering sex services for money.

Second profession 41-year-old actress has unveiled the journalists of the British tabloid The Sun, which managed to get to her house and to capture her statement about the cost of sexual services.

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In addition, the journalists managed to find out what Waragi, also known as Sarah knight, offers his services on a personal website, which is a variety of services including erotic massage, oral sex, BDSM, and virtual sex, joint travel escort. The possibility of sex for money the actress denies.

In his Twitter Varadi commented on an article by journalists of The Sun, criticizing them for their incompetence. She also advised them to engage in real investigative journalism.

“Workers in the sex industry are not news headlines. Newspapers need to conduct real investigative journalism, instead of writing yellow articles,” she says.

In the Game of thrones series said Waraji was invited from “adult” films. In particular, she played a few scenes, including lesbian sex Armeni and ROS, played by Esme Bianco.

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