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The sports and slimming: seven of the most common myths

Спорт и похудение: семь самых распространенных мифов7 popular myths about the sport and a healthy lifestyle.

It seems that everyone recognizes the benefit of physical culture, however, a number of myths about healthy lifestyles continues to exceed all reasonable limits.

Year after year experts refute these misconceptions, however, they are passed from mouth to mouth by generations of gullible and far from the sports people.

Muscle weighs more than fat

Then why do people continue to say so? This is because people confuse weight with volume. Muscle is more dense than fat. A kilo of muscle takes up less space than a kilo of fat, but can you compare them? Better to forget the topic and focus on more important things.

Area weight loss

The fat burned during any movements of your body in space — even in sedentary work. Another thing is, this increased demand for energy in a particular part of the body. It occurs during physical exertion and depends on the intensity of your workouts.

Calories should be considered

It is much better to pay attention to the ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fats in the diet. Total energy demand is based on these three essential elements of food and numbers and calories don’t actually have any importance.

Protein supplements are essential for muscle growth

Protein is essential for muscle growth, but protein supplements are not. The building blocks of proteins — amino acids — absolutely essential for protein synthesis and muscle recovery after exercise. However, to absorb an increased amount of protein, it is necessary to work first of all your digestive system. The best way to fit real food — chicken, tuna, eggs and vegetable protein sources.

Lifting weights is harmful

Many give up on workouts at the gym for the reasons that lifting weights is dangerous. In fact, it is useful to even the most feeble of us, because it can intensify systems of the body and to breathe new life into the weakened body.

Muscle cannot turn into fat

Muscles represent a completely different tissue than fat. Your muscles will not be transformed into fat if you stop going to the gym. Also your fat will not become muscle with zeal. Muscles grow only through constant training with progressive load and nutrition. This is the nutrition the body gets from burning fat reserves.

We should reach after a workout

What if all your trainers you’ve been lied to and need to stretch before you exercise with weights, not after. The logic is simple — the muscles need to stimulate and to bring it into working condition. Nothing but stretching will not cope with this task better.

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