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The soloist “VIA Gry” have revealed the main secret of his harmony

Солистка «ВИА-Гры» раскрыла главные секреты своей стройностиErika Herceg showed and told what to do, to be as slender as she was.

For anybody not a secret that a few years ago Erica Herceg weighed 30 kg more than now. The singer managed to overcome himself and to lose weight and completely change your life. Wouldn’t such a figure and appearance, as was Erica, then she would be able to break into the scene and get into the group “VIA Gra”. Now the extra weight is not gone, and fans are constantly asking the singer about the ways in which she has kept the weight after weight loss to this day.

Herceg invited to the Studio of the program “All will be good” where she revealed all his secrets for the figure. As it turned out, the soloist of sexual trio Ukraine after waking up from drinking half a liter of water and only then starts charging. Eric is doing exercises every morning, she to herself has created a system morning workouts and follows her for several years now.

The singer said that it is very important to stick to the basics for a correct balanced diet, without which a good figure to be seen. Groupies Herceg thanked her for what she gratuitously shared with everyone the secrets of their slimness.

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