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The seven rules of save your skin from aging

Семь правил спасения кожи от старения  Doctors told how to prevent premature aging of the skin.

Life goes on and sooner or later the moment comes when we notice wrinkles.

1. Don’t touch the face

Keep hands away from face and neck to avoid acne and premature aging of the skin. Do not RUB the eye and do not scratch nose. The skin around the eyes is very delicate, so you can avoid signs of early aging, just not touching this area. Apply the cream very carefully, avoiding any sudden movements.

2. Wash your face twice a day

Sometimes in the morning too sleepy to properly wash. In the evening fatigue does not properly remove makeup. It is very harmful for the skin. The washing takes only a few minutes, so don’t look for excuses and wash regularly. You will not only prevent early wrinkles but also get rid of the clogging of pores and occurrence of pimples.

3. Take care of the neck, shoulders and hands

Your face may look younger, but my neck, shoulders and arms instantly reveal our age. It is very important every day to take care of these parts of the body to avoid sagging and aging of skin on these body areas. Moisten the neck, shoulders and arms before bed and during the day use sunscreen. And, of course, do the exercises for the hands.

4. Limit sun exposure

This does not mean you have to leave the house only at night. A little sun daily to get vitamin D, but too much sunlight affects the skin and causes the appearance of wrinkles, even skin cancer. Every day before leaving the house, apply sunscreen, do not forget to update it during the day if necessary. Do not neglect such protection even on cloudy days. A great alternative to conventional sun protection means – eye creams, face and body with SPF (UV protection) – now they are produced by many cosmetic brands. In addition, in a season of great solar activity for the delicate skin around the eyes nothing is better sunglasses.

5. Sleep no more, no less sleep — enough

Sleep “a lot” is. As strange as it sounds, but sleep for longer than 8.5 hours as bad as sleeping less than 6 hours. And that both are equally bad for your skin. To restore the body requires 7-8 hours. To prevent early appearance of wrinkles, sleep 8 hours a day, and sleep you need to go not later than 11 o’clock in the morning. If you go after midnight, you will notice the wrinkles on your face sooner than we would like. The most beneficial sleep is between 10 PM to 2 am. And if you find it difficult to sleep at 10, go at least 11.
By the way, the posture during sleep is also important for skin condition. Try not to sleep on my stomach and on the side, preferring the supine position.

6. Eat antioxidants

Be sure to include in the menu foods rich in antioxidants. They help to expel harmful for the skin free radicals and prevent premature aging. The most beneficial are berries, beans, dark chocolate, apples, artichokes, carrots, red grapes, pecans and prunes.

7. Get rid of bad habits

Smoking and alcohol may help you relax and lift your mood, but these habits are certainly not will make you look younger. Numerous studies show that Smoking triggers premature aging. It is not even about the General state of the organism. And that if you smoke every day and drink a lot of alcohol, the skin around the eyes, you will be constantly dehydrated, and this leads to loss of elasticity and the premature appearance of wrinkles. Alcohol consumption, in addition, produces wine face (redness and peculiar change in facial expression, which so eloquently indicates that the owner of this face is not averse to overturn a glass-another). Get rid of habits that are aging your skin. Your body will thank you.

Premature aging prevent is not easy. Some girls encounter the first wrinkles before 30. This is due to bad habits and improper skin care. Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink enough water, moisturize the skin inside and out, sleep well and not be nervous on trifles. These simple rules will help you to look young longer.

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