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The scientists said that will happen to Earth in 5 seconds without oxygen

Ученые рассказали, что случится с Землей за 5 секунд без кислородаThe scientists said that could happen to our planet if she is deprived of oxygen.

Love apocalyptic movies about the future where Earth’s natural resources exhausted, mankind is on the brink of survival and literally fighting for every day of its existence.

It is just luck that they can breathe and anyway, what on Earth is oxygen.

Now imagine what would happen if the Earth is deprived of oxygen for at least 5 seconds.

1. All the people on the beach would immediately get burned. The molecules of oxygen in the air protects our skin from ultraviolet radiation.

2. Due to the fact that the number of reflective particles will fall sharply, the sky becomes very dark, almost black.

3. Metal parts, not covered by a layer of insulating material, “cooked” in one lump. The only thing that keeps metal parts from sticking together with each other is the oxidized layer.

4. The crust will begin to crack.

5. The inner ear of humans and animals will burst, because about 21 percent of atmospheric pressure would be lost.

6. All the buildings are made of concrete, will turn into dust because oxygen is an important binder component of concrete.

7. Water is 1/3 oxygen. If it is not, hydrogen becomes a gas and expands in volume.

8. The oceans will evaporate and flow away” into space.

9. Without oxygen, the hydrogen will rise to the upper troposphere, and, in the end, will be in the space.

What would happen if oxygen doubled?

1. Paper airplanes would fly further.

2. The car would need less fuel to travel the same distance.

3. People would feel happier and more cheerful.

4. Supplemental oxygen would improve our cognition, alertness and physical well-being.

5. BUT. On Earth there would be insects-the giants, as the size of the insect’s body is determined by the proportion of oxygen in the atmosphere. And everything would be ruined.

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