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The Russian-Turkish conflict — why is Putin silent?

Российско-турецкий конфликт — почему молчит Путин?

ITAR-TASS/Alexei Nikolsky

Born Turkey after Turkish leader Recep Erdogan apologies to the Russian side exploded with joy that the long-awaited warming of relations with Russia. But is it?

In fact, I would not hurry to beat the drum and dance around the fire — it’s not so simple. The question arises — why is Putin silent? What kind of theatrical pause? If Russia wanted to quickly restore the relationship — there would be no delays. Therefore, pause is justified?

Of course, it is necessary to think everything through. Because the knife from the back we got, but the scar remained. And the question of food, in fact, resolved — that Iran will be able to overwhelm Russia’s notorious tomatoes. Not to mention the local production capacities and the level of self-sufficiency. Clothing much of a problem we have not observed.

Yes, of course, the main argument is the fact that Erdogan came crawling with an apology, of course, is the economic component. It is the tourism industry, “the Turkish stream” and NPP “Akkuyu on the southern coast of Turkey. And while the special loyalty of the Russian authorities to resume communication on these issues, we do not observe. Here you can also include the political fact — Ankara quarreled almost with all the world, and the lack of allies has pushed Erdogan to conduct a sensible foreign policy.

It is likely that some portion of Russian tourists to the Turks will be able to return. But this, in my opinion, first of all should be preceded by guarantees of the Turkish side to provide the conditions for full safety of visitors. By the way, even if Erdogan personally enlist that none of the tourists will not be affected, it guarantees nothing on the Turkish-Syrian border still fixed the movement of militants DAYS. This means that Turkey continues to support global terrorism.

Prudent citizens will also play a role. Not everyone today will go towards the “hot spots” around the world. I think, only an official confirmation of all the countries in the Middle East that the terrorist organisation DAISH wiped off the face of the Earth will allow tourist flows to Turkey increase.

Of course, the Turks will now try to present the fact of apologizing as an automatic warming of relations, but it is not. Russia is thinking. And killed the pilot did not return. And, by the way, yet still go “swing” on the question of compensation for material damage for the downed Russian attack..

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