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The public chamber is transferred to the budget

Общественные палаты переводят на бюджет

The regional authorities will take over funding of public men

The activities of the regional public chambers, including their vehicles, will be financed from the budgets of the constituent entities. The state Duma amended the Federal law “On General principles of organization of legislative (representative) and Executive state authorities of constituent entities of the Russian Federation”. The document was adopted in the second and third readings.

The initiator of the law made by the Council of the Federation. As stated in the explanatory note to the document, its adoption due to the need to establish unified approaches to the organization and operation of the public men throughout the country. The developers believe that the budget financing of public chambers will contribute to the active development of civil society institutions, will provide the necessary level of protection of rights and legitimate interests of citizens and predictability of the ways of development of regional socio-economic policy”. It is expected that financial support of the chambers will help society and government to arrive at consensus decisions on the issues discussed and to provide the functions of public control.

Chairman of the Presidium of regional public chambers, a member of the public chamber Natalia Vavilov has confirmed “news” that the lack of financial support from the regional authorities, seriously hampers the work of public men.

— Today some of the public chamber are the units for eight people, some for five. Many devices do not: there are only people who work on a voluntary basis, as are the members of the chamber. In some regions the budgets of public chambers is very solid (more than a million rubles), in others only a few thousand. Quite different approach, which does not allow to correctly solve the tasks, — said Natalia Vavilova.

According to official figures quoted in the explanatory note to the draft law, currently, only 40 subjects the activities of public chambers provide an apparatus created in the form of state institutions (in fact, the regions have assumed the funding for this civil institution). In 43 constituent entities of the organizational functions entrusted to employees of local governments. And in the Novosibirsk region public chamber activities provides assistant its co-Chairman.

Meanwhile, as have explained “news” Natalia Vavilov, any of the public chamber implies more than simply “technical” issues, and quite a range of forms of work: meetings with people, check-out municipality, which entails transport, public and office expenses, communication costs, etc.

— These questions are sharply posed in the Public chamber of Russia for probably 10 years, ” says Natalya Vavilova. — First, it was suggested that the budget was calculated as a percentage of the salary of deputies of the legislative Assembly. But I think it is unrealistic in the current economic conditions. However, some budget low in order that a chamber existed, it should be. After all, as practice shows, in the regions of the public chamber are often the last resort for solving many vital issues.

As have informed “news” the Chairman of the Duma Committee on Federal structure and local government Viktor kidyaev, after the first reading of amendments from the subjects of legislative initiative had been received”.

— There are only technical changes. It was therefore recommended to adopt the law associated with the activity of public chambers in the second and third readings, — said Viktor kidyaev. — This is a very important document that is needed by the regions.

First Deputy Chairman of profile Committee Alexander Burkov, in turn, said that the proposal to give entities the authority to Finance the activities of public chambers supported by deputies of regional legislative Assembly.

According to first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee for Federative structure, regional policy, local government and Northern Affairs Stepan Kirichuk, “creating conditions for adequate functioning of the public chambers is the duty of the state”.

Democracy implies not only the election authority, but also control over this power from the society, one element of which is public chamber. The government is interested to this element of society work effectively. Easy to look at that somewhere said, “As you wish, and survive: the office will not give, no telephone, pigeons chat or something” — this should not be. For companies to effectively control power, should be created, — said Stepan Kirichuk.

We will remind, on June 10 the state Duma adopted the law “On General principles of organization and activities of public chambers of subjects of the Russian Federation, also developed at the initiative of the Federation Council and its speaker, Valentina Matvienko. The document establishes uniform requirements for the formation of regional chambers, brings together all the experience of regional laws on public houses and their formation: who should approve and coordinate the composition, whether in the chamber from entering the party members and elected members etc. At the moment, these issues are regulated by regional legislation.

— This act formed a very long time and was widely discussed, — said the member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation Natalya Vavilova. — Often in the public chamber of the “merge” of people who were members and who have nowhere to go. Was such a free flight of the forming chambers is not in favor of the public. But we supported the President and Valentina Matviyenko, and finally the law was passed.

Together, both law should minimize the influence of the authorities on the activities of the regional public chambers and to improve the efficiency of public men.

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