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The pre-war period

Предвоенный период


I then dispatched the type of card. Red squares marked new divisions and peredvijnaya closer to the front with East brigade. How much and which parts already at our Western borders is a separate issue, it’s not shown here is shown only where the gain takes place. Anyone who is not swimmable, it should be clear that such a force against the APU and nusband to use simply no reason. There’s much less force, and even basically no infantry, and aviation.

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Russia reinforces forces in the Western strategic direction in line with the increased activity of NATO in Eastern Europe, said on Friday “Interfax-AVN” a source familiar with the situation. “In parallel with the formation of three new divisions (two in the Western military district, ZVO, one in the southern military district JUVO) in addition to the Western border of Russia peredoziruet from the Central regions of the country, two separate motorized rifle brigade”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

As you know, this picture shows that our General staff clearly sees a direct perspective transformation of the suburbs in the theater serious chopping with a serious opponent. Demonstrates well — they say, don’t, don’t try. In the game “who’s on first as far as possible and will go faster” you can not defeat us.

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