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The NATO war with Russia: the Military is waiting for a nod from politicians

Exacerbating the geopolitical situation of the statements and actions of the West projection of the hidden war that is already underway.

Война НАТО с Россией: Военные ждут отмашки политиков

From a military point of view, General USAF David Goldyn replied, as an answer to any of the soldiers, sent on a dubious case: “Give orders in writing”. Speaking at a hearing of the U.S. Senate Committee on armed forces where it needs to be approved to the post of chief of the air staff, he put three conditions for the imposition of a no-fly zone over Syria, something hard to achieve some American politicians. To understand the situation enough:

“Since ISIS has no planes, it means that I have to have permission to shoot down the Syrian and Russian aircraft,” – said Goldfin.

In fact, this means what it says: the military demanded from politicians to sign up to obviously leading to war, by order, to ever then the answer is not forced to hold it one.

Senta USA looking for “last argument of kings”?

Military clearly feel the cunning of the politicians. The return to the idea to introduce over Syria no-fly zone caused by reports that government aircraft allegedly bombed hospitals and homes of civilians. But, first, this information comes from clearly interested anti-government sources. Secondly, it’s the East where all the information should be divided at least into three, then turned to the opposite value and then hope that ten percent of truth you have learned. And thirdly (and most important) – and that is what clearly know the military of all armies involved in the conflict in ground fighting in the country “peaceful” buildings does not happen at all. Terrorists with equal indifference to the people equip their position in the houses of civilians, in schools, in hospitals and everywhere, where they seem necessary.

So from the point of view of military response the General was clear and unambiguous:

Tell them I’ll be down, though, and Russian.

But when they come “the return” – will answer you.

But from the point of view of these political words mean the final establishment of a new state of the geopolitical situation. Namely, the task of destroying the military power of the great (nuclear) powers indicated in the agenda. And it will be decided whether policies meet the General positive or not, no matter: the very formulation of this question is consideration of such a tool as the war as a “last argument of kings.” And we see today in the Senate nothing more than a projection of the war in these specific hearings.

This was not since the “discharge” of the early 1970-ies, when the Soviet Union and the United States signed an agreement on the prevention of incidents over the sea and airspace above it. If you speak without diplomatic equivocation, it was an agreement tacitly permitted the practice of hunting aircraft and ships of the two countries to each other, if it does not lead to the risk of global conflict.

About the same – about the perception of a global war as the next step in the unfolding between Russia and the West the debate – said in the publication The Week analyst Kyle Mizokami. The meaning of his article boils down to the whole set of different evidence that “Moscow can inflict a lightning defeat of NATO and to capture the Baltic States in a few days”, and its 46 battalions in the region of all 11 Baltic can not resist. Hence he concludes that it is necessary to support Baltic allies “indigenous” by NATO forces, this means that “the conflict may result in a full-scale nuclear war”. If you remember that the Baltic States are already large-scale NATO exercises, in which, by the way, worked through such a purely pre-war aggressive element, such as mining ports designated enemy, ” the argument turns from the theoretical to the practical area. In this kind of exercises at the borders of a potential enemy one careless movement and…

As noted in the conversation, the expert on naval matters, the chief military adviser of the defense Ministry Admiral Ivan Vasiliev

the sea, unlike the land, where there are boundaries between countries – a zone of direct contact with the potential enemy. Literally within sight. Therefore, the conflict becomes more likely and more dangerous, because it can immediately go into a “hot” phase.

Observers note that all the actions of NATO in the Baltic States fit into the scheme, as reflected in the recently published report of the famous American strategic research center RAND. The authors of the report, entitled “Strengthening deterrence on the Eastern borders of NATO,” David A. Shlapak and Michael Johnson offer, in particular “for sure deter Russian aggression” in addition to place in Eastern Europe, seven ground crews, including three heavy armored vehicles that want to provide air support and a number of other military measures.

Pressure as the second to last argument of kings”.

Very provocative, according to the scientists, voiced the leakage from the bowels of the US state Department that one of its internal documents indicated the call 50 diplomats to President Barack Obama to strike at government forces in Syria. In their opinion, only the beginning of military action against Damascus will help to defeat the “Islamic state” (ISIS or ISIL). While state Department spokesman John Kirby refused to comment on the information the us media, which, in General, can be understood: the diplomats, urging commander of the armed forces to initiate hostilities, is clearly non-trivial historical phenomenon.

Director of the Russian Institute for strategic studies Leonid Reshetnikov in his interview explains this phenomenon zugzwang, which was the American policy in Syria.

“Letter to employees of the state Department is a special leak – in order to exert pressure on us even from this side, he said. – Because in Syria, the Americans are very hard, their interests are not being implemented and have something to do with it. Because you do not want to concede, they are trying to show that they are ready to go VA-Bank, that is trying to intimidate and stop Russia.”

This is also, most likely, says another trivial statement: this time, the main American diplomat, head of state Department John Kerry.

“Russia must understand that our patience is not unlimited. In fact, it is now very limited in terms of whether or not Assad is brought to justice,” said U.S. Secretary of state.

And the same John Kirby strengthen this performance of official explanations, like:

We do not make empty threats. It was not an empty threat.

“It also attempts to put pressure on us, commented on these “not empty threats”, the Director of RISS. – More powerful than before, but with the same purpose we have reduced their activity or stopped it. I think, however, that it is very difficult to achieve it.”

Yes, the pressure, agrees to one informed Russian scientists. But at the same time real attacks on Russia, in fact, have applied. Albeit, thank God, with the Humanities, but it is kicks: the sport – hysterical anti-doping campaigns, according to Russian assets abroad, as shown by the recent campaign on behalf of the shareholders of Yukos and the so-called periodic “offshore” scandals; the national reputation of when unilaterally protrude not the noble antics of football fans.

“The pressure’s not just on Syria, not only around the perimeter of all our borders, particularly in Europe. There is pressure on all lines,” – says Leonid Reshetnikov.

Moreover, among political analysts have spread in recent days, the view that peacekeeping and supposedly the statement of the former President of France Nicolas Sarkozy, who offered Russia as a truly strong country, towards Europe and the first to cancel its counter-sanctions against sanctions is actually an attempt to impose their “peace terms”.

“Sarkozy did not come from himself – he came with some message, which is essentially an open ultimatum – said one of them in conversation with +Constantinople+. – These are not abstract arguments about human rights, about democracy – it is quite pragmatic formulation of what European countries are waiting for Russia. Very clearly articulated position that the discussion of the possibility of lifting the sanctions is possible only after we remove your. Otherwise, the head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has threatened to keep sanctions and clearly outlined the likelihood of tightening”.

“Last argument of kings” at the ready

Judging by the context of what is happening in the world, to prepare for a new wave of deterioration in relations with the West, experts say.

“Against Russia, first imposed the sanctions excluded us from their associations had powerful, as it seemed, the pressure in other areas – explains this consideration Leonid Reshetnikov. But it turned out that it does not produce results. After all, where the current hysteria in the West? From the fact that all previous attempts of pressure to no avail! Neither political pressure nor economic – it does not work, the result is close to zero. Talking about the extension of the sanctions, but we don’t and this is going to happen. Hence the anger and the search for new means of pressure”.

But, by and large, left – from the Arsenal, which, at least, does not lead to a global military confrontation, the Director of RISS.

“What remains? It remains only to brandish a weapon. They have nothing to do but to intimidate us thus,” he concludes.

What we see in the end? Experts believe – reflections, manifestations, and reflections of geopolitical conflict. In fact, war. While latent, but it is its projection on the whole is still peaceful but already pretty agitated surface of global geopolitics. Especially that, according to favorite analysts USA of chaos theory, any unrelated events are in the end links of the chain. In the world created a very dangerous situation, warns Leonid Reshetnikov:

It could lead to armed clashes and even to the saddest to the war…

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