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The most important thing about the possibility of lifting the sanctions

To me all this talk about “renewal/non-renewal” “the gain/gradual removal of sanctions by the European officials more and more like an old, bearded and not quite a decent joke. Самое главное о возможности снятия санкций

Well, the same, when a man Smoking in the stairwell between the second and third floors, ” says a woman from the sixth:

– Male! I’m afraid of you.

– Why are you afraid of me?

– What if you rape me.

– Yes as I have you “rape” if I’m on the second floor, and you’re already on the sixth?!

“And I’ll come down…

Here so, approximately, with “sanctions” of the situation: the population of the state, the Russian Federation and the real sector of the Russian economy the question of sanctions is approximately in the same degree as, say, geyser fields in Iceland: no, certainly entertaining, but in a practical sense as it is not particularly applicable.

Actually some danger for our country at the time was only part of the so-called “sanctions”, namely the “sectoral”. Associated with the blocking of supply of products in the high-tech sector (as a “dual purpose” and, say, oil drilling equipment for offshore work, for example). As well as cutting off access to investment and credit resources of the countries that still do not know really, compared to what is usually referred to as “developed”.

But “technology” prohibitions, for whom it was really important, have learned to work around it.

Something I learned to do for themselves, within the so-called “import substitution”, something with a lot of pleasure began to put Chinese and other South-Asian comrades, something, confirming the old thesis of comrade Lenin’s “capitalism and the rope”, through its “branches” as supplied and continue to supply businessmen from countries of the “tearing to shreds the Russian economy”. And, for example, commissioning the monstrously unique and technologically complex of the Yamal projects in the New Port sabetta and the, impossible without the international cooperation that, by the way, the best confirmation.

About products, for example, the Russian military, not so long ago and is quite effectively demonstrated in the same Syria we’re not even talking. No problems there certainly are-including, for example, propulsion systems for the Navy, traditionally, since the days of the USSR produced at the now-torn between the Western partners, “pravosekami” and other homosexual, poor area of Ukraine, but the sanctions here, that’s really absolutely not exactly where.

More fun here, by the way, the “financial sector”.

And it’s not that the lack of access to “long” Western money is good. Just because that’s what a nuisance, ” according to a recent report by the chamber in our – in our! – banks – is not available and therefore unclaimed real sector, neither more nor less than a trillion rubles. And that is in any is not in the sanctions, just the insane policy of “liberal bloc” of our government (and, partly, the Central Bank) has led to the fact that existing and potential credit resources because of its “expensive” do not go into the domestic economy.

And are you sure that in the event of lifting of the sanctions will reduce and the rate of the Central Bank?!


Well, right now.

Actually from sanctions in the Russian Federation are affected, only that portion of the business and the market, which on strictly scientific classification is called “comprador”. Who used to quickly capitalize on the supply of anything, from plastic to Polish apples “financial services”, and just as quickly withdraw their belongings back-breaking labor in a “civilized country”. Well, associated with these guys part of the bureaucratic and political body: that is for them “sanctions” and “counter-sanctions” – it is, indeed, very bad and hard. And, most amusing, that this stratum is the most loyal and faithful “ally of the free world” in a sad sad edge of native aspen. Nothing, in principle, in particular.

For everyone else, let’s be honest, the subject of sanctions or not relevant. Or, if their activity is related to import substitution, these people are afraid, daily, go to Church, where candles for the health of “imposed sanctions” senior officials from the US and the EU. And pray that they no longer canceled…

Dmitry Lekuh

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