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The most dangerous diets for your health

Самые опасные диеты для вашего здоровьяWe will advise you which diets can harm your health.

In your desire to lose weight and attain the figure of dreams women, sometimes showing incredible will power, forgetting about health.

It is proven that no diet does not give stable results, and all the visible changes, which is so happy, ladies, it’s only a temporary effect. For truly effective transformation of the figure requires a comprehensive approach, which is based on the simple principle of calorie deficit, through which the organism begins to spend its reserves, including adipose tissue.

But the lack of results after another extreme diet is far from the worst. Much more unpleasant, if returned to normal diet, the body begins to actively accumulate fat in case you decide to put another dietary experiment. Other dangerous effects an abrupt transition of a questionable diet maybe suitable to someone else, but not you, can become a serious health problems.

The experts examined the most dangerous of dieting and are ready to share the results of that in the pursuit of harmony you got your health. Pay attention to how they affect the body, especially if you suffer from chronic diseases.

1. Salt-free diet

Initially, this power system was invented by doctors for people suffering from serious diseases of kidney, hypertension and heart failure. All these pathologies are usually accompanied by severe swelling, to fight that and helps salt-free diet.

Thanks to the ability to drain the body of water, this supply system that excludes the use of salt, and took root among dieters. But remember that decreasing numbers on the scales is achieved only due to the diuretic effect, and as soon as you return the salt to the ration will come back and weight. However, the lack of sodium in the body can adversely affect the kidneys and heart.

2. Low fat diets

The principle of this diet is very simple – the amount of fat in the diet is reduced to minimum. Eating so you can lose on average 3 pounds a week, but the effects of this diet are very unpredictable and depend largely on your state of health before beginning such a diet.

First, if the amount of fatty acids is less than 20% of the total daily caloric content, it instantly reduces the level of so-called good cholesterol, whose main function is to protect the heart and blood vessels. Second, fatty acids coming from food, promote the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. If they are completely excluded, this will inevitably lead to a vitamin deficiency, skin problems and hair.

3. Mono –

Before talking about the mono-diet, I want to clarify that we are not talking about fasting the day during which you eat only apples or yogurt drink, namely, food for 5 days or longer. This diet is not only a strong psychological stress, but also a real health hazard.

Whichever product you choose, in any case, you will be deprived of essential vitamins and minerals, disrupt digestion and metabolism, and the weight will come back. If you prefer traditional yogurt or apples that are rich in acids, you run the risk of getting gastritis, colitis and even ulcers. And buckwheat will provoke constipation, and problems with the veins, as it is rich in iron and has the property of thickening the blood.

4. Protein diet

There are many options of protein diets including Dukan popular system and the Japanese diet, but the principle of them are exactly the same. It is based on a drastic restriction of carbohydrates for the expense of cereals, vegetables and fruits. The emphasis is on meat, fish and in some cases dairy products, protein-rich.

But the human body can’t do without the carbs and with the extra weight you will certainly start off and health. Excess protein overload the kidneys and promotes the formation of stones, and in the course of chemical processes for the conversion of protein in essential body nutrients, stand strong toxins. It is no coincidence that in China the most severe punishment was considered feeding sentenced to death meat.

5. Drinking diet

Adhering to this diet, which prescribes a period of 30 days to eat only liquid food, you may be able to strike a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, especially if you regularly make all sorts of smoothies, but the damage done to the digestive system and metabolism will be irreversible.

The saliva secreted during chewing, starts the process of digestion, and fiber and pieces of food that are not liquid food, to stimulate intestinal motility. Thus, strict adherence to drinking diet eventually leads to atrophy of certain parts of the gastrointestinal tract.

6. Chocolate diet

To the delight of the sweet tooth, was invented a diet consisting of 100 grams of dark chocolate and unlimited amount of coffee without sugar a day. The average duration is 5 to 7 days. Yes, during this time, it is realistic to throw a couple of pounds, but this occurs primarily due to a sharp decline of calorie content (a chocolate bar contains an average of 550 calories).

Replace lost pounds you will get heartburn, frequent headaches due to fluctuation of glucose in the blood, as well as the potential problems of private properties, such as aberrant menstrual cycles and decreased libido, despite the fact that chocolate itself is an aphrodisiac.

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