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The manufacturer warned Konyukhov from the use of the spacesuit “Sokol”

Производитель предостерег Конюхова от использования скафандра "Сокол"

The General Director of the Moscow enterprise “Star” Sergei Pozdnyakov warned Russian traveler Fyodor Konyukhov from the use of a space suit “Sokol” is created in this factory. On Wednesday, June 1, reports “Interfax”.

“The use of the suit that is not designed for these purposes (hot-air balloon ride — approx. “Of the tape.ru”) and not passed the required inspections, may fail with tragic consequences for travellers,” — said Pozdnyakov.

The head of the “Star” also said that has no information about how to hand Konyukhov got the suit. According to Pozdnyakova, to find out, as well as to prevent the traveler to use a “Falcon” for his own safety, the organization appealed to the “number of structures”.

The General Director “Stars” also said that the soldiers had come to the enterprise where he really demonstrated the suit, with whom he was photographed.

On Tuesday, may 31, it was reported that the grooms going for two weeks to circumnavigate the Earth in a balloon. During this time, tourists will travel about 35 thousand kilometers.

Grooms on the whole trip and will wear the spacesuit “Sokol”. Designed to work crews in the spacecraft depressurization equipment made of rubberized nylon. In the suit served air mixture of 40 percent oxygen and 60 percent nitrogen.

“Star” — the leading enterprise in Russia in development and production of individual life support systems for pilots and astronauts.

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