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The leisure of the rich: the most expensive Hobbies in the world. Photo

Досуг богачей: самые дорогие хобби в мире. ФотоA variety of hobby is a great way to have fun, make new friends or to follow your passion.

Each of us has some Hobbies. Someone collects stamps, someone loves to watch the stars, or to go fishing.

As children, we found creative and cheap ways to entertain themselves. As they grow older, freedom of decision-making and access to money have changed our perception of how best to spend free time. Instead of messing around with toy figurines we started to play video games on the most advanced consoles. Instead of fun in the backyard we can travel the world and annually visit a new country. Instead of games with wooden ships we get in your boat and sail on the lake. Do not have to spend a lot of money to choose a hobby. However, the rich people in this respect has its quirks. Unfortunately, some of us will have to win a lottery to choose such an exclusive hobby. I represent to your attention ten of the most expensive Hobbies in the world.

Radio controlled airplanes

Досуг богачей: самые дорогие хобби в мире. Фото

It’s a pretty expensive hobby, especially when you are building your own model RC aircraft. The cost of the commercial model can be $100-200, but the option under the order will cost from$ 700 and above. In the construction of the aircraft on the remote control has everything You want from a hobby. This is a complex process, requiring considerable creativity, but the management of such a model is a lot of fun. For a beginner it will be enough 700$ to build a basic aircraft. The price will continue to grow as You become more skilled and advanced specialist. Aircraft high-level cost from several thousand dollars to much more impressive amounts.


Досуг богачей: самые дорогие хобби в мире. Фото

For some people such hobby is to visit a local Park, but someone in a hobby can lead to other continents. Journey can be quite expensive, especially when you have to spend a huge amount of time on the road to the hard to reach places. But there are those people who are profitable all year round to travel than to live at home. The average price for annual travel will range from 20,000$ to 30,000$. The amount is difficult to calculate accurately because it is influenced by many factors – it all depends on the specific person.


Досуг богачей: самые дорогие хобби в мире. Фото

Get ready to spend a lot of money if you decide to get involved in motor racing. And that car racing has become a serious hobby, the money is definitely needed. Car racing is a dangerous hobby, so it is best to use the best equipment to ensure safety. A race car with the appropriate equipment will cost from 10,000$ to 100,000$. You need to be concerned about life insurance, which will also cost a considerable amount. The Formula 1 drivers all of these costs covered by sponsors, but if you chose the race as a personal hobby – be prepared to pay a lot of money.

Control of the aircraft

Досуг богачей: самые дорогие хобби в мире. Фото

Have you ever just wanted to sit in the plane and a few hours to be somewhere very far away? Piloting aircraft for many is professional work, but there are also people for whom it’s a hobby. Will need for about 7,000$ to get a license pilot and travel on single-engine aircraft. However, if You plan to travel long distances on a regular basis, you will have to obtain additional licenses. After training You will be able to buy quality plane value in the range from 15,000$ to 200,000$. And if a license is available to a wider range of people, to purchase the aircraft can not everyone. It is also worth considering the cost of its maintenance, hangar rental and other expenses.

Ballroom dancing

Досуг богачей: самые дорогие хобби в мире. Фото

Many of the items in the list seem irrelevant, but in fact professional dancing can be a very expensive hobby. Of course, you can simply sign up in the club ballroom dance and become a simple Amateur, but a serious hobby involves large investments. If You dream to Shine on dancing with the Stars, you will have to spend a lot of money. Ballroom dancing – graceful performing art that combines physical movement and emotional expression. By themselves, the dance lessons are not very costly. But if we build dances to the rank of the hobby and to compete with the professionals, the price increases many times. Depending on the competition, equipment, costumes and other accessories professional hobby will cost you the sum of 30,000$ to 100,000$. Spending that kind of money, you will become popular and will certainly Shine on the dance floor.


Досуг богачей: самые дорогие хобби в мире. Фото

Skydiving for most people becomes the most favorite hobby in life is to try once and won’t be able to stop. This hobby is quite expensive – from $100 per minute, but this price is worth it. The adrenaline rush while jumping from the plane is simply indescribable. Skydiving seems especially expensive when one considers the ratio of the value to the second jump. Each dive usually lasts less than a minute. Even if it really lasts a minute and costs 150$, You pay 2.50$ per second! You need a lot of money to make skydiving a hobby on a regular basis.

Exotic Pets

Досуг богачей: самые дорогие хобби в мире. Фото

Obviously, it is not important to be rich and have a dog. If You are spoiled by public attention, you have to make your favorite Cheetah, octopus, or monkey. Exotic Pets have become popular Hobbies of celebrities. For example, Nicolas cage bought a octopus favorite for 150,000$. Although 150,000$ are quite a substantial amount of money is still relatively cheap for an exotic animal. In addition, You must take good care of your pet, which will also result in a considerable amount. About the most unusual Pets you can read in a separate article.


Досуг богачей: самые дорогие хобби в мире. Фото

You know that all the really rich people will certainly own a yacht, and many of them prefer to operate the vessel yourself. Yacht racing is a popular hobby among billionaires. It takes about an$ 8 – $10 million to build a sports boat for racing. This amount does not include the cost of labor to maintain and sail. A usually build two boats, in case one of them breaks or gets into an accident during a quite dangerous racing. Of course, you can always opt out of risky fun and relax on a luxury yacht drinking cocktails.

Retro cars

Досуг богачей: самые дорогие хобби в мире. Фото

A person’s car can say a lot about its owner. Does he prefer the security, frugality or luxury? Many things in the automotive industry became a real hobby for millions of people around the world. That’s why car shows and boating magazines so insanely popular. Car craft is considered a special form of art, and motorists often choose them as a hobby. You will need a huge amount of money, if You want to start collecting vintage cars. The most expensive car ever sold at auction was the Ferrari 250 Testa Ross 1957, spent over $16 million. Cars of this kind – the lot of celebrities and expensive toys for billionaires.


Досуг богачей: самые дорогие хобби в мире. Фото

Some people really spend a lot of money on works of art. This is a pretty good investment, since art is only gaining in price. Buy rare and exclusive works of art the strongest impact on your budget. You will need a lot of money for a real collection of works of art. The most expensive painting ever sold at auction was worth $300 million. Of course, you can buy a few paintings from the neighborhood kids that will save you millions. But even in this case, you will be considered a collector of works of art. Thus, this hobby is both the most expensive, but at the same time and the most affordable. For example, any of the ten most popular masterpieces in the world will cost a potential buyer in the tens of millions.

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