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The legendary sword Excalibur found in Italy

Легендарный меч Эскалибур нашли в ИталииThe sword is in the rock in the Abbey of San Galgano in Italy.

The Italian scholar Mario Moiraghi claims that the legendary sword of King Arthur really exists and is in the rock in the Abbey of San Galgano in Italy.

In the book “the Mystery of San Galgano” he cites analysis that shows that the legendary sword dates from the year 1180. And the first mention of Excalibur date from several decades later.

Moiraghi, in his book argues that the legend of King Arthur — Italian, although traditionally it was assumed that of King Arthur and the Holy Grail was invented in Northern Europe or in France.

The legend of the Abbey of San Galgano, which is not far from Siena, it says that the sword stuck in the rock of Saint Galgano as a sign of non-violence. Mario Moiraghi notes that in the legends of Saint Galgano has a number of remarkable coincidences with the legend of Sir Perceval who found the Holy Grail.

According to the BBC, this is not the first book Moiraghi on the subject. In his previous work he suggested that the legend about Arthur originates in Persia.

According to legend, Saint Galgano was a cruel and bloodthirsty knight who became a hermit after having a vision of Jesus and the apostles. As a sign of rejection of violence and all worldly things, he stuck his sword into the cliff — from there you can see only the handle and a small part of the blade.

For a long time thought that the sword is only a fake designed to attract tourists, but the age of metal, conducted by researchers at the University of the city of Pavia, has shown that it is not.

According to Moiraghi, this gives reason to believe that the life of Galgano inspired by the legends of King Arthur, and he Galgano was the prototype of Sir Percivale.

The first mention of the Excalibur found in the poem “Perceval” the French poet Robert de Harrow. According to his version, the sword was stuck in the anvil, standing on the top of the stone.

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