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The husband of Iryna Bilyk has changed dramatically

Муж Ирины Билык кардинально изменилсяAslan Akhmadov cut her hair short, getting rid of a luxurious head of hair.

Recently the husband of Iryna Bilyk was bitten by some insect, in consequence of which the neck appeared an allergic reaction in the form of the tumor. Undeterred, Aslan went to the doctor, what he said in his page on Facebook, and told me that he was saved from “tetanus” probably making a vaccine. Then suddenly he shared the photos, which he had no previous hair. Probably an insect bite and waiting for the summer heat contributed to the fact that Akhmadov got rid of long hair.

In his page on the social network Aslan Akhmadov last night told the burning story of the past and put your new photo with the trolley. As it turned out, the husband of Ukrainian singer after the celebration of the birthday of his friend decided to drive drunk and so went home on the bus. This trip on public transport forced him to remember how 24 years ago he was feeling sorry for myself and was unhappy. Aslan took a selfie in the bus and wrote: “Sometimes, in order to assess the degree of their happiness, just to drive a couple of stops on the bus!”.

A huge number of fans of creativity Akhmadov appreciated how luxurious it looks with short hair, and thanked him for his revelation.

Муж Ирины Билык кардинально изменился

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