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The Hubble took a picture of the constellation Sagittarius

"Хаббл" сделал снимок части созвездия СтрельцаThe constellation is about 30 thousand light years from Earth.

The telescope “Hubble” captures the young stars included in the constellation of Sagittarius.

Space objects distant from the Earth at a distance of 30 thousand light-years.

This photograph shows the bright star of blue color, distributed across the pictures on the background color of the celestial bodies. I Admit that blue star appeared simultaneously with the destruction of molecular clouds. The red color of the stars suggests that these objects have a much lower temperature than the Sun, or that their weight is much less than solar.

Stars with much less mass than the Sun are called red dwarfs, are common in the milky Way. Blue lights indicates that it’s still relatively young, or that its mass is many times greater than the mass of the Sun.

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