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The Hardkiss is already preparing for the national selection on “Eurovision-2017”

The Hardkiss уже готовится к нацотбору на "Евровидении-2017"The actress still wants to represent Ukraine at the contest.

The soloist of the group The Hardkiss Yulia Sanin already started to write a song for the national contest Eurovision 2017.

Losing Jamal, this year the Hardkiss music group took second place in the national selection for Eurovision 2016, however, the musicians do not exclude the possibility of presentation of Ukraine in this competition next year. This was told by Julia Sanina in an interview with Katya Osadchaya in the program Secular life.

Julia Sanina said he was very pleased to win Jamala in Stockholm. After the announcement of the winner of the Eurovision song contest 2016 she immediately congratulated Ukrainian singer and got a response.

However, the star was a little upset because he realizes that victory is now Ukraine is unlikely to award for at least ten years.

The singer also admitted that he has already started work on the song for the next music contest national selection.

“I’m writing a song, it is somewhere in the 50 percent in my head, so I deal with this issue. Ukraine to represent it is necessary, and if it’s gonna be a good song, I’m happy,“ shared Yuliya Sanina.

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