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The EU called Russia a “strategic challenge”

В ЕС назвали Россию "стратегическим вызовом"

A new policy paper the EU describes Russia as “a key strategic challenge” – this wording was the result of a compromise between members of the Commonwealth, reports Radio Liberty.According to the publication, this document needs to be approved at the EU summit on June 28. It was developed by the diplomatic corps of the Commonwealth after the leaders of the EU Federica Mogherini to the creation of a “guideline of the European Union for actions in the future.”

Lithuania and Poland, which occupy a hard line against the Kremlin wanted to document was introduced the phrase “strategic problem” regarding Russia’s role in European politics. Other members of the EU, mainly from the South of Europe wanted to enter into the document the phrase close to “strategic partner”, which was used until 2014.

The document consists of 32 pages. It States that the EU “does not recognize the illegal annexation of Crimea and destabilization of Eastern Ukraine”.

Earlier the President of Estonia Thomas Ilves fendrick stated that Europe needs to be developed a contingency plan that will provide for not only sanctions against Russia.

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