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The earth may share the fate of Venus, scientists

Земля может разделить участь Венеры, - ученыеPowerful “electric wind” may deprive the Earth hydrosphere and water from its gas envelope.

Geophysicists from the US and the EU did not exclude the possible loss of Land and like her exoplanets hydrosphere, as well as water from their gas shells.

Disaster can occur if the celestial bodies will be strong enough “electric wind”. Devoted to the study published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, briefly about it, reports NASA.

Geophysics on the example of Venus studied the loss of water earth-like planet located in the habitable zone. In the atmosphere of the second planet from the Sun, water up to one hundred thousand times less than on Earth. This is explained by the “electric wind” — the strong electric field, which is able to disperse it in the space not only light ions of hydrogen, but more heavy oxygen.

The strength of the electric field of Venus in the upper layers of its atmosphere is approximately five times larger than Earth. The reason for this scientists see in more intense ultraviolet radiation that came to Venus from the Sun, and its close proximity to the sun.

Specialists also were the first to measure the electric potential of Venus, which was equal to ten volts. Geophysics conducted observations using scientific instrument ASPERA-4 European automatic station Venus Express.

In the early stages of development of the Solar system Venus and Earth were most similar to each other planets. In the future, the first celestial body has lost water. A study conducted by scientists allows to understand the reasons for this. Geophysicists believe that their conclusions may be true for Mars, where the atmosphere is currently being studied with the aid stations MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution) and Mars Express.

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