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The driver of the car was arrested for a violation

У водителя арестовали машину за чужое нарушение

When the resident of Kopeysk Eugene Porsev received a notice from the bailiffs, then couldn’t believe my eyes: for him there were not paid a fine for drinking alcohol in public areas. The letter stated that he grossly violated public order in accordance with paragraph 20.21 of the administrative code “Appearance in public places in a state of intoxication. And since payment is unsuspecting Eugene tightened, Federal bailiff service issued a decision to arrest a private car with a complete ban on registration actions. Exactly as long as the account is not received 500 rubles, court costs and fines in addition. Otherwise, warned UFSPP, will block the payroll card.

– Learned about the fine only when I received a letter from bailiffs. Thought there was some kind of error came there. I then gave a copy of the report issued a few months ago, look of the signature is not mine, and physically, that day could not be in that place – complained to Eugene Porsev.

From the text of the Protocol Eugene was surprised to learn that on the evening of 21 February, he, being drunk, with slurred speech, he abused alcohol in a public place. Its kind of insulted honor and dignity”. Was detained by the PPP at 21:10, at Khokhryakova street, 1A.

An hour shocked Eugene, argued the officers: he is, of course, is not perfect sober, but drunk people spawn not rowdy. Moreover, in the bitter February cold. But the police officers only made a helpless gesture. The division staff is advised not to create unnecessary problems themselves and just pay a fine. But Eugene did not hesitate, made a statement to the court.

Said that it is easier to pay the 500 rubles. Then the case will be closed. I thought, and went to court with the statement. 10 days later I was called and invited to the meeting. The judge said, they say, you do not have proof. What do you want? I had a long time to prove his innocence, wrote Eugene Porsev.

500 rubles – the money is insignificant, but to volunteer to hang the stigma of being drunks a resident of Kopeysk didn’t want to. To restore justice, Eugene appealed for help to the Prosecutor of Kopeysk. In supervising Department have listened carefully to the maligned and initiated its own review. The long-awaited results has provided just two weeks. The investigators confirmed that the street guy is not drinking, passers-by their views did not offend, to sign the Protocol altogether belongs to another man. The police apologized, and the bailiffs UFSSP immediately annulled the writ and the 500-ruble penalty. But this outcome Eugene Porsev was dissatisfied.

Soon Eugene is planning to engage in social activities, which will monitor the work of guards. He believes that to eradicate such errors of law enforcement and the judicial system. However, to achieve real results without the active participation of the South Urals will not succeed.


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