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The doctors explained the dangers of hot food

Врачи объяснили, чем опасна горячая пищаIts use is fraught with problems with digestion.

According to experts, overly heated contents of the plates leads to problems with digestion.

“Too hot first courses (soups, borscht, bouillon) burn my mouth, the mucous membrane of the lips, can cause excessive drooling, vomiting. All of this in consequence can cause ulcers, gastritis, stenosis (narrowing of the larynx)”, — experts explain.

Temperature. The human body accepts is not too hot and not too cold food. When consuming extremely hot and cold food and drinks is affected epitelialna fabric bodies, and this leads to cancer.

“Cold foods are divided into 2 kinds: fresh cold, which have not been processed, and cooked, but chilled. Thus, the heat treatment helps to kill pathogens. That is, moderately cold food does not bring harm to the human body, but is most useful for stomach and spleen – warm food. Approximately 20-30 degrees”, say nutritionists.

Burn of the esophagus. Very hot food can burn your esophagus. Marvel at the wall of the esophagus may occur necrosis of the tissues of the esophagus. This causes tissue swelling and dysphagia. Later starts the process of rejection of necrotic tissue, cause ulcers, and the healing begins the formation of narrowing of the esophagus (stenosis).

Burns of the pharynx and oral cavity. Hot food can also cause burns of the mouth and pharynx, mucous membrane of the lips and mouth. After such defeats, you will not be able for a long time to eat, because in their place are formed ulcers. A few days after the burn person can eat liquid food in small quantities. In the throat and on the lips a scar forms, it leads to a reduction of the lumen of the esophagus, and it is dangerous that causes obstruction of the esophagus.

Depletion and other consequences. Experts note that hot food can cause a depletion of malnutrition after burns. Also sometimes pneumonia, bronchitis, laryngitis and periesophageal.

Hot for children. It is very dangerous to eat too hot food to the children, as even small burns to the lining of the esophagus, pharynx, larynx, oral cavity can cause severe effects: respiratory distress, laryngeal stenosis, difficulty of expectoration, impaired swallowing functions.

About the cold drinks. Experts say that the cold food too quickly leaves the stomach, without having how to mingle with the gastric juice. This leads to the rotting process, which is formed flatulence, intestinal dysbiosis, peptic ulcers and enterocolitis.

At fast food restaurants most often offer a very sweet drinks be sure to ice, not tea or coffee. These drinks quench your thirst it is impossible, moreover, as it turned out, they increase appetite. Therefore, those who like very cold drinks often suffer from obesity, warn nutritionists.

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