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The deepest places on the planet. Photo

Самые глубокие места на планете. Фото This is one of the most amazing places on Earth.

Our planet never ceases to surprise us and produce new amazing stories about myself. Below is a list of ten interesting and some of the deepest places on Earth.

10. El Zacaton

Самые глубокие места на планете. Фото

El Zacaton (El Zacatón) — the world’s deepest sinkhole, water-filled. Located on the North-Eastern state of Tamaulipas, Mexico. Its diameter on the surface is approximately 116 m, the total depth of 339 metres. The temperature of the water in the funnel is 30° C, it slightly smells of sulfur. This place is very popular among divers.

9. Tagebau Hambach

Самые глубокие места на планете. Фото

Tagebau Hambach — the quarry used for the extraction of brown coal. Located in the town of Elsdorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Opened in 1978. Is the deepest open mine in the world, the depth of which is about 370 meters, the area of 33.89 square kilometers.

8. Well Woodingdean

Самые глубокие места на планете. Фото

Woodingdean (Woodingdean) — an Eastern suburb of Brighton and Hove, situated in the County of East Sussex, England. It is notable that on its territory there is the deepest well in the world, dug by hand between the years 1858-1862. The depth of the well is 392 meters.

7. Lake Baikal

Самые глубокие места на планете. Фото

Baikal — lake of tectonic origin located on the territory of Russia, in the southern part of Eastern Siberia, on the border between Irkutsk region and Republic of Buryatia. It is the deepest lake in the world (maximum depth of 1642 meters) and the largest natural reservoir of fresh water. The age of the lake is estimated at 25-30 million years. Its area is 31 722 km2 (without Islands), which is comparable with the territories of such countries as Belgium, Netherlands or Denmark.

6. The Krubera Cave

Самые глубокие места на планете. Фото

The cave of Krubera (Voronya) is the deepest cave in the world, located in the mountain range Arabica in Abkhazia. Its depth is 196 m. 2 Is the only known cave on Earth that exceeds a depth of 2 thousand meters was discovered and first investigated to a depth of 95 m Georgian cavers (head L. I., Maruashvili) in 1960. Then she got her first name: Krubera cave, in honor of the Russian scientist, expert in karst caves AA Krubera.

5. Mine Kidd

Самые глубокие места на планете. Фото

Kidd (Kidd Mine) is a mine located in Timmins, Ontario, Canada. Is the deepest mine in the world for the extraction of base metals. Its maximum depth is nearly 3 thousand meters and Began operations in 1966 as a quarry, but eventually turned into an underground mine, which currently produce copper, zinc and several other metals.

4. Litke Trough

Самые глубокие места на планете. Фото

Litke trough is an oceanic trench located on the North-East Greenland, 350 miles North of Spitsbergen. This is the deepest point in the Arctic ocean — 5449 m. for the First time this trench was discovered and investigated in 1955 by an expedition on the icebreaker “Fedor Litke”. He takes the 20th place among the deepest troughs of the world.

3. Milwaukee gutter

Самые глубокие места на планете. Фото

The Milwaukee or the Milwaukee trench depth (Milwaukee Deep) — the deepest point of the Atlantic ocean, located in 122,3 km North of the coast of Puerto Rico. Its maximum depth is 8380 meters (according to unconfirmed reports 9560 m). Chute was named after the American light cruiser USS Milwaukee (CL-5), who first discovered the 14 February 1939.

2. Marianas trench

Самые глубокие места на планете. Фото

Marianas trench or Mariana trench is the deepest oceanic trench, and also the least explored place on the planet, located in the West Pacific ocean between Japan and Papua New Guinea, near the Mariana Islands. First opened in 1875, a British expedition on the ship “Challenger”. Using sonar, the crew then recorded a depth of 10 to 900 meters. Measurements conducted in 2011, the depth of trench is 10 994 ± 40 m below sea level.

1. The Kola superdeep borehole

Самые глубокие места на планете. Фото

The Kola superdeep borehole is the deepest in the world is a borehole located in Russia, in the Murmansk region, about 10 km from the town of polar. Her depth of 12262 meters; the diameter of the upper part — 92 see was founded in 1970 and drilled solely for research purposes. It was initially planned to reach $ 16 thousand m, but due to technical problems and due to financial difficulties in 1991, work had to stop early. Now due to financial difficulties and lack of state support the issue of the final closing it.

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