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The CPS proposes to punish sellers and manufacturers of harmful products

Роспотребнадзор предлагает наказывать продавцов и производителей за вредные продукты

The CPS intends to seek the imposition of penalties for sellers and manufacturers of harmfulproducts. And to punish by administrative methods it is proposed not for the mere manufacture or sale of such products, and skimping on the requirements of the Department of their withdrawal from the market. According to the CPS do not respond to prescriptions about 10% of enterprises.

The proposed amendments to the administrative code introduce regulations on fines, seizure of products and suspension of activity of the enterprises for the term up to 90 days.

So, if the manufacturer or seller knows about the conformity of products with technical regulations and inform about them to the authorized body, may get to 30 thousand rubles fine.

For the failure to check the accuracy of the information on discrepancy of goods the penalty is up to 40 thousand rubles. And the failure to implement measures to prevent harm entails already 100 thousand roubles of the penalty.

If the manufacturer does not stop the production and sale of products not meeting regulations, and not Recalling the products — the penalty can be up to 500 thousand rubles with the suspension of activities for 90 days. At relapse, the penalty can grow up to 1 million rubles with confiscation, IA “SeverInform” with reference to “Izvestia”.

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